We’re guessing the last time your wristwatch was over your cuff there were a lot of other things in disarray as well.

Not so for Gianni Agnelli, aka “The Rake of the Riviera.” As we mentioned in our recent series on the 12 Jetset Playboys of the Sixties Agnelli had a penchant for tucking his French cuff underneath his watch. But here’s a couple things you may not have known, starting with the reason he couldn’t keep it on his wrist like a lesser mortal…

Turns out, Agnelli was actually allergic to the watch’s metals, which makes a whole lot more sense. (Though we think the Rake loses a couple sprezzatura points since the move was made out of necessity rather than absurd confidence.)

You, however, are not allergic to metal. But if you want to follow in Agnelli’s footsteps, we suggest a trip to London’s Interno 8, where Angelo Galasso has designed an Agnelli cuff specifically to cradle your precious Submariner. The key is the gap in the middle where the watch face can peek through, without exposing any of that metal watchband to the outside world. Take a look below.



  • C. Brian Smith