The lingerie mavens at Brit brand Agent Provocateur have made a good thing out of showing just enough skin to leave us always wanting more. Their narrative ad campaigns, far too racy for prime time, are released in snippets online; for their last one they commissioned Leaving Las Vegas director Mike Figgis to make Kate Moss’ erotic dreams into a series of short films, aired in bits over the past several months. Now they’ve finally compiled the footage along with stills and extras into a limited edition book and DVD package, The 4 Dreams of Miss X.

Problem is hardly any copies made their way stateside, although Amazon recently scored a few for the astounding price of $486.65. While Kate’s as eye-popping as ever, Figgis’ mis-en-sc‚àö¬Æne seems a little lackluster; let’s just say he could have done a lot more with the material. No doubt he was just too distracted to get the job done properly (and who could blame him for that?) Our call: save the cash for a cashmere sweater—it’ll keep you warmer in the long run.



  • Jared Paul Stern