We should make it clear from the start that while we never watch television, we do have something of a Netflix addiction to *House M.D.*.

And though we were drawn to it by the prospect of Bertie Wooster playing a misanthropic American medico, Jennifer Morrison (aka Dr. Cameron) is certainly easy on the eyes. If only the wardrobe department wouldn’t insist on stuffing her into
ill-fitting Club Monaco career separates.

In any case, while there’s some downtime in the production cycle before *House* returns this fall, the former cheerleader, who also appears in the upcoming *Star Trek* movie, has been making the social rounds; we spotted her at designer Phillip Lim’s L.A. store opening hosted by Veuve Clicquot the other night.

We don’t give a damn if she never actually went to med school, we’ll surrender to her ministrations any time.




  • Jared Paul Stern


Photography by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan