Rie Rasmussen

This is shaping up to be a banner year for one of our favorite women in the world: Danish model/artist/actress/director Rie Rasmussen. The likes of *GQ* can keep their Jennifer Anistons and Jessica Biels; here at Kempt we go for brainy, over-achieving beauties in the Carla Bruni mold rather than the mindless meat puppets of prime time (but we digress).

Rie first made her mark as a Victoria’s Secret siren in 2001, then stole the show with a role as Rebecca Romijn’s lesbian lover in Brian De Palma’s 2002 thriller *Femme Fatale*. She went on to become the face of Gucci worldwide, while directing and starring in a short film that made it to Cannes 2004. In 2005 she starred in Luc Besson’s underrated *Angel-A*, a French fairytale shot in black-and-white, which was recently released on DVD.

This year, Rie, who’s repped by One Models, is publishing a book of her painting, drawing and photography, as well as directing her first feature film, entitled *Human Zoo*. Unfortunately she’s living in Belgrade while making the movie so we haven’t seen her around much, but we’re hereby issuing a standing invitation to drinks on Kempt the moment she touches American soil.



  • Jared Paul Stern