This is it. The day you’ve been waiting for. Yep, the Masters kicks off this morning. Also, it’s baseball’s Opening Day. (Well, kind of. There was last night’s Cards-Marlins tilt. And those weird A’s-Mariners games in Japan. But come on.)

We’re talking seven games, starting at 1:05pm Eastern time, ending at…well, whenever the Dodgers and Padres wind down out in Petco. In between: a glorious spring day of honest-to-God baseball. Not to mention first starts from studs like Roy Halladay, Stephen Strasburg, Jon Lester and both of last year’s Cy Young winners (Justin Verlander against the Red Sox; Clayton Kershaw taking on San Diego). We wouldn’t blame you if you decided to call in sick. (And we won’t tell anyone, either.)

In fact, to celebrate, we’ve lined up a full day of baseball-related posts—on everything from the sport’s finest big-screen life lessons to how America’s pastime came to dominance in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Play ball.



  • Paul L. Underwood