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The 64 Greatest Pajamas of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


What you wear to bed can often feel like an afterthought...

But not today.

Because today we’re giving sleepwear, in all of its glorious forms (including Marilyn Monroe’s lack thereof), its proper due. And after a painstakingly thorough search—no movie set, red carpet or private boudoir went unturned—we managed to assemble a definitive list of the 64 greatest moments in pajama-dom. That’s right, we found every last one of them.

So, without further ado: let us count down the 64 greatest pajamas, ever.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Paul Rudd

This is a picture of a happy man.

Specifically, it’s a picture of Paul Rudd at the premiere of Our Idiot Brother, surrounded by four stunning co-stars. It’s a setting that would make just about anyone look good—although the midnight blue suit certainly doesn’t hurt. He even manages to pull off the tieless look, which has befuddled scores of red-carpet dwellers over the years. It goes to show, sometimes affability pays off.

Kava Gorna is Enjoying Her Denim Couch


Blue on Blue: Earnest Sewn’s latest lookbook contains an unusual quantity of come-hither gazes. [Refinery29]

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High Art: Gawker makes the case for the recently-departed Dash Snow as a great artist and a badass provocateur. [Gawker]

Hov Don’t Run; Hov Stand and Fight: The foreign policy community is finally catching on to Jay-Z’s foreign policy insights. The Blueprint for peace? [Foreign Policy]

Summer Girls


Ever since Brick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been one big movie short of movie star territory…which explains why you’ve seen so much of him in GQ. His chance this year—politely ignoring G.I. Joe—is 500 Days of Summer, a wistfully romantic flick with Zooey Deschanel that’s already earning a few favorable comparisons. Today’s New York Mag profile makes a good case for Gordon-Levitt as a potential star, but also lets loose two troubling facts: 1) Ms. Deschanel’s character is named Summer…just like the title. 2) There’s a dance sequence.

We’re guessing it has to be seen to be believed.

Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home


The line between the fans and the artists just got a little thinner.

Boston Globe arts reporter Geoff Edgers is taking it upon himself to reunite the Kinks. Luckily, he’s bringing someone along to document the process and wrapping the packaging the whole thing as a feature documentary titled Do It Again. The whole thing’s still in-progress, but that didn’t stop them from putting together this trailer to keep the ball rolling with crucial endorsements from Zooey Deschanel and Sting, among others.

Of course, the Kinks have only been broken up for twelve years, and their last decade of activity was kind of a shambling embarrassment…but hope springs eternal. And they still deserve a victory lap more than the Eagles.

See the trailer here»

The Rise of the Farmer Woman


Although it may be outclassed by its French counterpart, the American *Playboy* is still good for something: science.

A pair of econometricians have pored through the *Playboy* archives with an eye to economic trends and confirmed a preexisting theory that in times of economic crisis—like now, for instance—men like their women a little taller, a little older, and a little more muscular. In short, we want farmer women to help us till the soil after the revolution comes.

We debate the merits of the farmer woman»

Zooey, Boats and Cowboy Shirts


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Zooey, Alan Outfits, and A Trip to the Winner's Circle


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The Ties That Bind: The Korean Green Foundation claims that, "Going without a tie lowers the somesthetic temperature by 1 or 2 degrees, which could lead to a reduction in the amount of electricity used and a corresponding reduction in CO2 levels in the workplace." Treehuggers. [Hani]