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Caroline Winberg Is No Longer Welcome at the Met

Caroline Winbergvia WBE

I Saw the Sign: Here’s an elaborate system of hand signals, circa 1944, to get you through your next waiter-diner interaction. [NYTimes]

Hanes and Cash: All Mark McNairy needs in this world of sin is white T-shirts, a wad of cash and a Zippo lighter—presumably used to set the cash on fire. [GQ]

We Don’t Doubt It: A few beautiful detail shots and the following sentence: “An Army field jacket is harder to find than a gay Nascar fan.” We’ll take your word for it. [The Trad]

Fare Thee Well: After a day of heartfelt Steve Jobs obits, here’s a palate cleanser. [The Onion]

Line of Fire

  • Jared Paul Stern


The good old-fashioned Zippo lighter is as much a part of any American male's essential kit as a navy blazer or a decent pair of loafers. Though the ones we've collected over the years have been relegated to a dresser drawer since we stopped smoking some years ago, we like to think of them as more than mere reminders of a misspent youth. Our favorite, in well-burnished sterling silver, still sees service on special occasions when there are ladies present whose cigarettes require fire.

Thus we were delighted to see them treated as *objets d'art*»