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The Sports-Menswear Collaborations We’d Like to See Next

  • Najib Benouar


It’s been a big week for collaborations.

While yesterday’s unveiling of the Kanye x A.P.C. collection has been getting most of the #menswear attention, we found ourselves more interested in another transatlantic collaboration that came through on the wire: Brooks Brothers announcing their new partnership with Italian soccer club Inter Milan.

It had us wondering why such an American brand would have to go overseas to outfit a sports team—especially with dapperness in locker rooms and postgame press conferences on the rise in the US. It would be a natural progression for, say, the Knicks to step off their team bus all kitted out in Michael Bastian—as opposed to the Detroit Lions, who seem more like Mark McNairy New Amsterdam kind of guys.

And since we’re the sort of menswear journalists who answer “Why?” with “Why not?” we’ve gone ahead and dreamed up a few style collaborations we’d like to see happen in American sports, based on who’d work best together.»

The Gentleman’s Safari


Here’s an unusually rugged look from the latest Black Fleece collection, combining the classic blue blazer with the YSL-approved safari jacket.

This gentleman happens to be emphasizing the jacket's blazer-esque qualities by pairing it with gray wool trousers, but we could see it playing just as nicely with flannels or tieless button-downs—like an upscale version of the infamous shacket.

Of course, it won’t make it to stores for another few months—but we’ll be first in line when it does.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Jamie Hince


Any day that sees you marrying Kate Moss is bound to be a good day.

But this past Friday, the Kills’ Jamie Hince took it one step further by joining the crowded pantheon of well-dressed rock ‘n’ roll grooms.

Instead of a tux, he opted for a powder blue double-breaster from YSL, the middle ground between Parisian chic and 80s prom. It’s sharp, but just skuzzy enough to leave his punk cred untouched—like something Mick Jagger would have worn. Throw on aviators for extra swagger, and he’s managed the impossible: getting married without settling down.

Naturally, the flower girls were impressed.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Terry Richardson

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

In our first five months of MOTHs we've witnessed some significant sartorial transformations—see Hanks, Tom—but none so dramatic as today's honoree, Terry Richardson, the photographer who's pioneered a sort of *nouveau*-perv aesthetic. Richardson, son of famed fashion photographer Bob Richardson, lensed fellow MOTH Tom Ford's controversial new ad campaign. Richardson has long favored a uniform of grungey plaid flannel shirts, thermal underwear and well-worn tees.

But the Natural History Museum's Ball saw another side of Mr. Richardson»

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