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The Top 10 Fragrance Experts on YouTube


Choosing just the right scent for the season is a tricky business. Sure, you could head to the fragrance department at Barneys.

Or you could go to YouTube and watch what, in our humble opinion, are the “Top 10 YouTube Videos Featuring Random Dudes Offering No One in Particular Their Favorite Fall Fragrances of 2011, Broadcast from What Appear to Be Their Parents’ Basements.”

Trust us, you’re gonna want to give this one a sniff...»

Sarah Stephens Prefers Powerful Lamps

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The Pitch


One of the pleasures of gentlemanly life is the opportunity to watch obscure sports—particularly the ones with high laundry bills. Which is why we’re thrilled to hear that Indian Premier League cricket is making its way to YouTube. Matches will start live-streaming when the season begins in March, giving you just enough time to do some reading and pick up a few white polos.

If you’re not familiar, here’s a refresher: It’s a heavier, slower version of baseball, which means it has the capacity to stretch out mid-afternoon lounging for days on end. And, providing you choose the right team to root for, you might be in for some pretty spectacular cricket whites. If you feel the need to join in, you might pick up one of these, but no pressure.

Here’s hoping polo’s next up.

A Series of Tubes


In the wake of the Iranian Election turmoil, YouTube and Twitter have gotten a lot of press as something more than idle entertainments. And while Twitter hasn’t changed up their game plan too much, YouTube is getting a little full of itself.

In order to assist the new generation of webcam-equipped witnesses, YouTube has launched The Reporters’ Center, a feed devoted to guiding and publishing the work of aspiring citizen journalists. They’ve got brief tutorials from Bob Woodward, Nicholas Kristof and (for some reason) Arianna Huffington on getting to the bottom of the story, but we’re not sure if the world is quite ready for the stories that they’re about to get. It’s one thing to publicize raw feeds from an event everyone already agrees is important, but it’s quite another to sift through a few thousand clips looking for something that approaches newsworthiness.

Either way, we’re guessing the cat-in-fan story is about to get a lot more play.

Who Writes the Songs


Now that Guitar Hero and Rock Band have catapulted music into the video game sphere, everyone’s getting in on the game…and the results are getting pretty ugly.

Microsoft Songsmith, for instance, is meant to make songwriting accessible to everyone with a computer and a non-metallic ear, but it’s turned into a near-endless supply of 90s soft-rock shmaltz. And, unfortunately for Mr. Gates, it’s far better as comedy than music.

The result is a long string of previously beloved songs—“Creep,” “Roxanne,” and “Beat It,” for a start—digitally chewed up and spat out until almost unrecognizable. But a good music video always helps…

Let the YouTubing begin»

Good Old Monty


Sketch comedy has been kicking around since the vaudeville days, but it may have found its perfect medium in YouTube. From Dick in a Box to Wainy Days, viral video lets sketches cut out filler and find as large an audience as they need, giving us a peek at some great material that would be unairable on network TV and would probably have been booed out of the music halls a hundred years ago.

Monty Python was too early for the boom times, but they’re catching up with their very own YouTube channel, loaded with excellent rips of a handful of classic sketches…and a few well-placed suggestions as to where you might find their DVDs. So far there’s only twenty sketches up, taken equally from long-running BBC series and their four films, but we expect more as time goes on.

Mostly, it’s refreshing to know that they’re just as good as we remembered. The ADD-absurdism of Andy Samberg and The State started here, and it still hasn’t been topped.

See our favorites after the jump»

Blenders, Bubble Coats, and Five Rings


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