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The Old Man


We’ve been seeing this gentleman around a lot lately, most recently on The Impossible Cool’s spinoff site, A Conversation on Cool. It’s all hunting gear and avuncular charm, possibly aided by a mojito or two—the kind of thing that made him the cheerful grandfather of hunting gear. What’s strange is, for all the Hemingway love, it’s always the old beard papa of Idaho and Cuba that you see, not the younger, tweedier bookworm of Paris. The next time he pops up on the photoblogs, we’re hoping it’s this picture.

Riff Raf


Raf Simons and Fred Perry are two of the most youth-obsessed names in menswear, so it makes sense that they’d come up with something interesting together. We just didn’t expect it to be so colorful…

This is their second collaboration (for S/S 09) and we have to say, the oranges and blues won us over. It might be the Seu Jorge-ish model, but this line nails the City of God look better than anything we’ve seen. Maybe Brazil is finally making its mark on menswear.

But mind the loose weave if don’t happen to be in a Brazilian climate.

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