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Oh No


It looks like Yoko Devereaux has fallen prey to shaky financiers, so they’re closing up shop starting today. That means a liquidation sale with $10 polos (like this one), $20 dress shirts and a Baracuta-esque striped jacket for just $40 at their online shop...and you'd better get it while you can.

Yoko Devereaux never made the most wearable items on the shelf, but they were one of the best sources for low-slung cardigans and high-cropped pants—both of which can be extremely potent in the right hands. Now, we'll have to get them somewhere else. This should be a reminder: It’s hard out there for a boutique label.

Oh Yoko


Yoko Devereaux has always been more concerned with forward-thinking style than wearability, so there are more than a few items in the latest batch that would look out of place on the sidewalk. But if you’re looking for the sweet spot between futuristic moon suits and the everyday staples, we suggest the gray jacket in the middle, or the high-cut blazer on the right. (We’re seeing a lot more of those lately…)

And we can always use more high-cropped pants.

Gisele's Moneymaker, Personally Crafted Suits In The Works, And That Guy


This Is Madness!: No. This is Gisele. And yes, she does make more money than you do. She is, after all, much prettier. [Forbes]

A Time For Peace, A Time To Buy Clothes: Here’s when and how far in advance you should be having your tailor made clothing, well, tailor made. Looks like we’re already a year behind for this year’s fashion. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

The Selby: This new gem of a site allows you to see interesting people in their natural habitat. Kind of like the discovery channel. [A Continuous Lean]

New Look, Classic Scenery The Yoko Devereaux show at the Classic Car Club inspired some new looks in an old place. Here’s the summary from a familiar face. [Refinery 29]

Are You That Guy?: Given that you read our blog, we certainly hope not. []

Kempt Man of the Hour: Alan Cumming

  • Jared Paul Stern

*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Scottish actor and *parfumeur* Alan Cumming has always been one of the more interestingly-dressed Hollywood types treading the red carpet. While a little theatrical for our taste at times, he often pulls off a nod to showmanship while still managing to be the best-dressed man in the room. Such was the case at the Italian Trade Commission's *Made In Italy* cocktail party hosted by Isabella Rossellini the other night.

Cumming turned out in an equestrian ensemble »

Booze and Browse


Andy Salzer of Yoko Devereaux has carved out his little square of the market by pairing themes and tones familiar to Upper East Siders with a Bedford Avenue aesthetic. From tomorrow at noon and lasting until Sunday (though we don't recommend waiting that long) you'll be able to snatch some of Salzer's edgy club-room product at Beacon's Closet prices. In particular, the two-button fleece blazer will be offered up at $60 (down from $216), the cheeky black-fleece…

(more items and the invitation after the jump)

Bblessing SSample SSale


One of SoHo’s best specialty boutiques for menswear since April ‘06, BBlessing (say: “Blessing,” the first “B” is a nod to the owners’ previous retail project, BBS Tokyo) has an offsite sample sale over the next two days.

There’s still 8+ full rails to sort through after friends and family picked over 4 seasons of button downs, blazers, coats, trenches, trousers, knits, and $80 jeans from the store’s amazing designer group (see flyer). In terms of sizing, the bulk is 30-34 waist bottoms and M/L for tops. It’s also the first time that the house label’s hoodies and tops have gone the way of the discount; the line will expand into ready-to-wear for Spring/Summer ‘08.

5 Crosby Street is Bblessing buyer Josh Safalow’s showroom space and easy to find from Canal or Spring St. stations.

The Sale Leaflet: