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Duck Hunter Camo Soldiers On

If our camo roundup left you thirsting for more HBT camo, we’ve got good news.

YMC has gotten in on the “duck hunter” action with this new shirt, a more traditionally colored version of the heritage pattern. The result is like a paramilitary Jackson Pollock—full of half-formed geometry, but not quite full enough to cover the background.

If you’re looking for something unexpected to wear under your winter sweaters, you could do a lot worse.

You Must, You Must

Here’s another one from the “when it gets cold” file.

London’s YMC (short for “You Must Create”) just unveiled a few pics from their fall/winter line, which should get extremely handy once October rolls around. We’re particularly taken with this gentleman’s well-layered approach, even if his socks are getting a bit aggressive.

Beyond that, there’s some pretty handsome rollneck sweaters and some of the more handsome cords we’ve seen all season.

See a few more pics after the jump.»

The Return of the Smock


The smock is one of the more obscure items to come out of the current enthusiasm for workwear, but it’s not all that hard to wear. And while we’ve already picked out a favorite, this might be the most wearable we’ve seen.

This smock comes from the latest YMC collection, and splits the difference between an unstructured jacket and an exceedingly rugged button-up. The result is a clever item that's ready to take the place of your spring jacket. It might not replace the hoodie just yet…but we can dream.