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On the Farm: 7 Minor League Ballparks to See Before You Die

Drive 50 miles in any direction this summer and you’ll likely be steps away from a minor league ballpark. You won’t see Pujols or A-Rod there, unless they’re rehabbing a high ankle sprain or the like, but you also won’t see a concession stand selling shrimp tempura rolls and $25 Budweisers. As James Earl Jones said in Field of Dreams, “Baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past. It reminds us of all that once was good, and what could be again.”

Save for Fenway, Wrigley and perhaps Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles, nowhere is that nostalgic itch scratched more satisfyingly than under a century-old grandstand at a minor league park, cold beer and hot dog in hand, watching a couple dozen young ballplayers chase a dream shared by just about every American boy who ever lived.

And there are seven ballparks in particular you won’t want to miss...»

Amanda Laine Has Forgotten Where She Left Her Phone

Keep It Under Your Toque: Finally, an answer to the question, “Why do nautical explorers always wear knit hats?” [Slate]

Nice One, Darmody: Prada’s Michael Pitt series finally gets some video. Very handsome. [Selectism]

Swingers: The story of when two 70s-era Yankees indulged in the practice known as wife-swapping. Sadly, the Times found out and squared things up. [Deadspin]

Men of the Cloth: Fact of the Day: oxford cloth is indeed named after the university, and once upon a time there was Cambridge cloth too. [Of Rogues and Gentlemen]

THE REENTRY: Monday, August 8th

Uncle Sam

Safe to say you let a few things slip through the cracks over the weekend – your driver’s license, your mother’s birthday, “weekend needs” from the boss. So you’re feeling a little out of touch. Confused. Vulnerable.

Your first order of business: hire a personal assistant for the day. Your second order of business: ask yourself these questions, study the answers, take a deep breath and prepare to reenter society…

Q: Can you believe S&P downgraded America’s credit rating for the first time in history? A: After reading today’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal, well, yes. “Is there anything that Standard & Poors said on Friday that everyone else doesn't already know?” At the same time, we’re with Krugman: S&P should hardly be considered an authority given all that went down in 2008. We also find it hard to believe that Liechtenstein, Guernsey, and The Isle of Man – all of which have AAA ratings – are better bets than US Treasury Bonds. Where’s Hugh Carey when we need him?

Here's what you need to know...»

Throwing a Shoe


Hoof in Mouth: David Lynch produces predictably terrifying erotica. [Wallpaper]

Black and White: Adam Kimmel channels Andy Warhol with hip, arty results. [Material Interest]

Beck and Call: Beck launches a “record club” for re-recording classic albums, presumably just to infuriate Pitchfork. [Vulture]

Pride of the Yankees: A team shot of the 1927 Yankees pulls down $350,000 at auction. In related news, a camera phone snap of Derek Jeter just sold to TMZ for 18 cents. [Luxist]

Grab Your Hoodie, It's A Very Athletic Wednesday


Love All: One of the few eligible bachelors with a 155 mph serve is engaged to S.I. swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker, which is a solid excuse for us to run pictures of her. Thanks, Andy. [ESPN]

Tailgate Party: In other sporting news, this is how 24-year-old, Heisman-winning, multimillionaire starting NFL quarterback Matt Leinart rolls. How 'bout you, Brah? [Sunday Morning QB]

Local Uni-Watch: New York readers may have a chance to check out the Blue Jay's new powder-blue throwbacks today and tomorrow. Still, no one's got more baller style than this guy. [ESPN]

Swapping Spit: In the grand Gallic tradition of poor public hygiene, several Frenchmen invaded Manhattan and attempted to set a world record for kissing. Gross, right? [Fleshbot]

In The Hood: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger, Amanda Brooks, finds style and substance in the lowly hoodie. [Men's Vogue]

???????????!: Moscow Fashion Week just doesn't translate to Western style - but God bless them Ruskies for trying. [YouTube]

Chinese Take Out: With its increased high-end offerings, improved manufacturing techniques (not to mention its low valuation of human sweat) China is poised to take on Italy in the luxe suit game. [WSJ]