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Enough Is Enough with Throwback Uniforms

That three-hour headache you got yesterday had nothing to do with an ill-fitting Halloween costume or the vertical hold on your television. Rather, the culprits were these 1934 Pittsburgh Steelers throwback uniforms black and yellow stripes, block letters and knee-high bumblebee socks. At times we weren’t sure whether we’d tuned in to a football game or a WWF tag-team bout from 1985.

Everyone knows why teams dust off vintage uniforms: to sell more merchandise. Everyone also knows that the average NFL club is worth $1.14 billion. Which is why we’re respectfully begging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, for that matter) to put an end to this nonsense.

While we’re at it, that’s enough pink for one season, no?

Hulkamania in Autumn

We don’t like breaking the hearts of our readers, but TMZ is reporting that Hulk Hogan is shaving his trademark mustache.

The iconic blond handlebar has lorded over Hogan’s face like a peroxided Arc de Triomphe during his 12 runs as a world heavyweight wrestling champion (and oddly, as owner of the most popular 900 number from 1991-93). But as much as it hurts, we’re going to give this news a tentative endorsement.

Naturally, we have our reasons...»

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A Healthy Glow


Today’s UrbanDaddy jogged our memory about one of our fonder memories from the 80s. If you were a bored kid with a television, at some point you probably ran across the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, also known as GLOW.

The episodes are a late eighties time capsule, full of spandex-clad stuntwomen furiously mugging their way through some of the more sloppily choreographed bouts this side of boxing. It only survived four seasons, but there was a certain charm that hasn’t been recaptured since. We can’t help but wonder if there’s a place for it in the age of derby girls and post-post-post-feminism—especially now that lingerie football is a reality.

If you’re curious to see the ladies in action, you can pick up a few DVDs here, or see a few of the finer bouts after the jump»