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Manchester’s Finest


Peter Saville doesn’t usually suggest holiday cheer.

The dour Mancunian graphic designer is best known for designing the Unknown Pleasures sleeve you saw on all those shirts a few years back, but it looks like his work has taken a festive turn of late. As part of his hometown’s “Visit Manchester” campaign, he’s designed a limited edition wrapping paper that most resembles a festively industrial fluorescent blur.

At the moment, there are 725 rolls remaining, which means you’ve got some time, but don’t dawdle too long. You can pick one up here for three pounds (five bucks). With all the design cred involved, we’d use it sparingly—but if you’re wrapping up the latest New Order compilation...

Goodness Gracious the Paper


CoolHunting just gave us a few ideas about wrapping paper that had never occurred to us, so we thought we’d pass them along.

Our favorite is the Florida brand Fish Lips Paper Design (their “circle game” is pictured), but it’s hard to go wrong with anything on the list. Wrapping paper has been in Norman Rockwell territory for so long that we're happy to see any sort of innovation spring up.

The trick is ordering it so you’ll have time to use it this season…but we assume by now you’re pretty good with an online form.