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Kate Upton is Wearing a Tablecloth

The Sale of Sales: Sid Mashburn’s late winter sale is in full swing, and it’s moving fast. The pants are already gone, and the shirts are soon to follow. The race is to the swift. [Sid Mashburn]

The Work Continues: The Scout catches up with Takashi Tateno, the man behind Japan’s heroic Workers site. Workwear at its finest. [The Scout]

Foreign Climes: A spectacular globe-trotting pictorial from Bergdorf Goodman. [Bergdorf Goodman]

All American: An overdue salute to Jim Thorpe, one of the early juggernauts of football. [Bench & Loom]

Danner’s Latest

The work boot craze left a lot of guys yearning for a lighter kind of winter footwear. Our answer has always been Portland’s Danner, designed for marathon-length hikes through the Oregon woods. And as of now, you’ll have five new designs to choose from, arriving online today. (They’re the ones at the bottom of the page.) The biggest update is a Vibram 2060 outsole, making them even lighter than the ones you’re used to.

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Engineered Garments, After the Gold Rush

Engineered Garments is in a tough spot.

Circa 2007, they were one of the coolest brands there was—a playful riff on the workwear obsession that was only beginning to show its teeth—but as the flood of Barbours and Red Wings gave way to Isaia and double-monks, Daiki Suzuki’s brand of well-tailored woodsiness hasn’t been quite as much in demand.

So how does one of the best designers in the business respond to a sea change? Let’s just say it gets interesting...

Our tour of the Engineered Garments spring/summer lookbook»

Femi Benussi is Applying Makeup in a Broom Closet

Femi Benussivia WBE

A Visit to the Scrapyard: The Street Etiquette chaps indulge in some workwear with some exceedingly rugged props. [Street Etiquette]

The Razziewatch: Is Clint Eastwood due for a Razzie? Judging by the J. Edgar buzz, we’d say this could be his year. [Grantland]

The Other Kaufman’s: A tour of one of New York’s most dedicated Army-Navy outlets. [NYTimes]

Tebow vs. the World: A thoughtful, well-reasoned case for making fun of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. [Deadspin]

The Chore Coat Wins Again

There are a couple lessons to be gleaned from A Treasury Of’s ode to fall essentials, but lesson #1 comes from that duck canvas jacket. If you thought the chore coat was a workwear relic—and we’ll be honest, we had our doubts—this is the pic that proves you wrong.

Will doesn’t look like he’s on his way to do manual labor here. If anything, the wing collar gives it a ’70s-YSL vibe, which is a pretty good vibe to have these days. And as it happens, duck canvas is a pretty good fall hue.

Lesson #2: while Labor Day is now a distant memory, you’ve probably got another few weeks of life in those white jeans.

Things to Buy First Thing Monday Morning

Filson x Levi's

Ladies and gentlemen, your workwear royal wedding...

Filson and Levi’s Fall 2011 collaboration arrives online here Monday morning, so we thought we'd give you an early peek to whet your appetite. It’s only five items—three jackets, a denim vest and a pair of pants—but it’s just about everything you could want in a Levi's crossover with the tin cloth artisans.

Our favorite so far is probably the oil-finish trucker jacket on the left, but there’s a lot more to like. The big surprise is how tempting it all looks now that it’s not quite so hip. Even the more avant garde items like the denim hunting vest seem pitched more at aficionados than trendwatchers—something that wouldn’t have been true a few seasons back.

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Freedom ‘11

One-Button Blazer

After carrying the flag for the Urban Lumberjack look (and, before that, the Urban Equestrian look), Freeman’s Sporting Club has learned a few new tricks.

To start with, they’re locavores. Their newly launched e-commerce site marks items by how close to the NYC shop they were stitched together. Usually, the answer is the garment district of Manhattan…but it’s nice to know for sure.

They’re also making a strong case for the one-button blazer with this irish linen number. It’s a sharp pattern, just rustic enough to keep you from being confused for a banker—but most of all, it’s as far from workwear as you can get.

So far we’re calling it Urban Gentleman, but we're open to suggestions.

Club Masters


As you might remember, we left the last round of shows buzzing about Riviera Club, and we’ve finally got a few lookbook shots to show you why. On the surface, it’s another line from the workwear mill, but there’s a more than a little continental flair below the surface. (Exhibit A: the porkpied and neckerchiefed gentleman on the right.) Keep an eye out for these when they roll into stores in August.

A few more looks from the fall/winter collection»