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The Rebel Tablet


Aside from the actual football, our favorite show of last night was Motorola’s Apple-as-Big-Brother parable. Of course, giving flowers to pretty girls is bound to be a crowd-pleaser, but we had two other thoughts:

1) This might be the first time we’ve seen the wool tie put forward as a symbol of non-conformity. We’d prefer as less fast-fashiony version—a little less skinny, a little more tightly tied—but it’s still a sign of progress. When ties are outlawed, only outlaws will wear ties.

2) Those white hoodies looked a lot cooler than the tablet.

Conformity's not all bad.

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The French Speckle


The wool tie has been trending for quite a while now, but somehow we keep running across better and better specimens.

This one from Dolbeau lands somewhere between repp and knit ties on the tweediness spectrum (a pretty versatile place to be) and the 2¾” width is right on the sweet spot. And while you can pick up a similar piece from J.Crew for $60 less, it won’t have this kind of French wool and won’t catch the light nearly as well as this speckle.

Alexander Olch should watch his back.