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The Newsie’s Shacket

  • Najib Benouar

This time of year, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra layer handy—as well as the morning paper.

And this new quilted overshirt that’s just landed in Context’s webshop (as part of the latest drop from the McNairy-helmed Woolrich Woolen Mills) has got you covered on both. This mid-weight “shacket” is right on time for the upcoming transition into the cooler season. The extra-large breast pocket is a nice touch—just the right size for a folded broadsheet or anything else that might not need to stay crisply tucked into a briefcase.

Plus, we hear everyone is going to be using newspaper as pocket squares this fall.

Putting It In Context


In honor of today’s Context flash sale, we’re playing buy/sell/hold with some of the more intriguing items. (For those unversed in market lingo, “buy” means buy, “sell” means don’t buy, and “hold” means only if you want to.) The stock ranges from Woolrich flannels to Nigel Cabourn’s loudest trench coat, and we’re tackling it without pity.

First off, a Band of Outsiders Parka…»

Pith and Vinegar

This snap comes from the latest Woolrich Woolen Mills collection (designed by Mr. McNairy), recently unveiled at Pitti Uomo. And while we’d normally wait until it’s in stores, we noticed something so game-changing, we couldn’t help but call your attention to it.

Ladies and gentlemen, pith helmets are now officially a thing.

This is one of two photos that finds a sharp-but-woodsy gentleman doffing the colonial topper. To be honest, we’ve been waiting years to bring out ours. Just think of it as the harder-nosed cousin to the panama hat, perfect whether you’re hitting the rooftop pool scene or exploring Madagascar.

Also, be ready to look a little bit ridiculous.

Advanced Scarfing


The indoor scarf has been one of our favorite sartorial grace notes this winter, but if it’s going to carry into summer, we’re going to need something a bit lighter…

This is our favorite candidate so far, newly arrived from Daiki Suzuki’s final Woolrich Woolen Mills collection. It’s a summer scarf, also known as the rich man’s neckerchief, about the same weight as your lightest summer khakis.

It’s an advanced move, especially with this loud a pattern—it’s a balancing act between Aerosmith and 70s-era ascots—but style favors the bold. Pull it off and you’ll have a comfortable neck and an offbeat outdoorsy vibe to see you through summer. We suggest a soft-shouldered cotton blazer and a European Loop.

The Wages of Yoox


Ah, Europe.

The massive European retailer Yoox just unveiled their semi-annual sale, stocked with some of the best swag the continent has to offer.

The only problem is, it’s big enough to be downright daunting—so we thought we’d pick out a few favorites, starting with this fearlessly busy Thom Browne baracuta riff that might be the most downright badass item to come out of his chalet period.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of more wearable stuff where that came from.

For instance...»

Socks and Scandals


The newly arrived Woolrich Woolen Mills lookbook is pretty fantastic stuff, including at least three items we’d like to snap up as soon as we can think spring/summer thoughts again—but one particular styling note caught our attention as a little… off.

Direct your attention to this gentleman’s feet, and you’ll see something you haven’t seen in a lookbook in quite some time. Yes, those are socks. And sandals. Together.

For decades, it’s been considered a crunchy faux pas—unacceptable anywhere outside of a health food store—but apparently Daiki Suzuki disagrees. And while it works perfectly with the mountain-climber chic Suzuki’s aiming at, we can’t help but think the gentleman in question would look better if he switched to hiking boots, or just let his toes wiggle free.