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Lara Stone Joins the Academy


Academy Fight Song: W Mag finds Lara Stone a headmistress gig. [Fashion Copious]

Don’t Get Shirty: Esquire drops a few work-appropriate shirts, including the increasingly beloved rounded club collar. Just don’t call it “Peter Pan.” [Esquire]

It’s Always Design Week Somewhere: Copenhagen Design Week sees the world’s first human car wash. [The Moment]

Just a Minute: A new site lets you spend a minute in almost any city in the world. [PSFK]

Watch Out for Apples


Solid Snake: Fashion editorials have started cribbing from 80s hair metal videos. [Refinery29]

Combat Rock: A free download of a Sandanista! covers album, when we need it most. [Boing Boing]

On the Charge: A first look at the Tesla chargers. They look strangely familiar… [Luxist]

Liz Lemon Party: 30 Rock finally makes the leap into pornography, unfortunately missing a delightfully pun-based name. Was 30, Rocked too obscure? [Jezebel]

Up Close


If you’ve walked past a newsstand this past week, you might have seen an uncharacteristically craggy Brad Pitt staring back at you. And, for once, it isn’t CGI.

The special effects come from the photographer and photorealist painter Chuck Close, apparently at the request of Mr. Pitt himself. We don’t doubt that Pitt can get whoever he wants to take his picture, but Close isn’t a glamour artist like Annie Liebowitz, and the result ends up looking positively Eastwood-esque.

But, you know, in a good way»