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Eight Warm Socks to Consider This Fall

1030socksHEADER Here’s a quick science quiz for you:

Given that heat rises, what does cold do?

A. It also rises. B. It luxuriates somewhere in the middle. C. It falls.

Hopefully you didn’t need to consult a textbook for that one. But the point is that, as a matter of physics, this season’s ever-present chill is going to try to weasel its way into whatever part of you is closest to the ground. And since 97.2% of the time that’s going to be your feet, we believe an upgrade to their first line of defense is certainly in order.

Hence, our selections for the eight socks worthy of your consideration this fall, after the jump...»

The Sweater Scale: Six Levels of Warmth

  • Najib Benouar


“Sweater” is a pretty broad term.

It covers everything from the finest of gauge cashmere to the chunkiest of knit Shetland (throw a shawl collar and some elbow pads on it and you’ve got a full-on piece of outerwear). Then there’s everything in between—good for layering or on a day that might not require a jacket. So we went ahead and found the season’s six best options that should have you covered for any occasion you might encounter.

Here are your six degrees of sweater-ation.»

In Defense of Long Johns

  • Najib Benouar

Isaora Thermal Wool Long Johns

In our efforts to dapperly winterize your wardrobe earlier this week, we made a polarizing suggestion: long johns.

While we’d admit the pair we suggested were of the advanced variety, we’d like to assert that the idea—wearing thermal pants, not a full union suit, in your urban day-to-day—isn’t as crazy as it seems.

Just consider the amount of layering you do above the waist and compare it to the two layers (if you’re counting that swatch of cotton you call your underwear a layer) down below. Not even the thickest of boiled wool or heaviest of selvage denim is going to keep the chill of deep winter off your cozy-menswear-accustomed gams, no matter how closely tailored it is. And that’s where an extra layer comes in handy.

A further defense of long johns, with a foolproof user’s guide.»

Winter-Proofing Your Wardrobe, Head-to-Toe

  • Najib Benouar

Here we are, heading into the frigid depth of winter.

And while staying warm is of the utmost importance, that doesn’t mean you can head into public swaddled in a giant blanket (at least not until winter 2014). So we dug up some of the warmest, most handsome gear out there to give you the necessary shelter your morning commute requires.

Optimizing your warmth-to-dapperness ratio from head to toe.»