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A Gentleman’s Guide to Scarves


As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you outfitted for winter, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate the scarf.

It’s easy to overlook, but increasingly crucial as we move into the arctic parts of the year. And unlike previous entries, this one’s pretty responsive to the styles of the day, in particular the trad, the lumberjack and the sailor. (Choose wisely.)

As for tying it, we’ll just say this: pros use the European Loop.

Now, to look at those scarves»

The Speckle Continues


The rise of speckle continues…

This Wings + Horns jacket should fill the same spot in your wardrobe as a tweed blazer, but it swaps out the plaid threading for one of the more current fabric patterns out there. And it doesn’t hurt that a spotty mélange of gray and white should match the view from your window on most winter mornings.

Of course, you’ll lose a bit of the professor-on-leave vibe that comes with the tweed…but it’s a small price to pay.

The Tube Scarf


Much as we appreciate a well-knotted scarf, there may be a better option. Behold, the tube scarf.

This one’s from the layering experts at Wings + Horns, offering a modern twist on the most traddish outerwear piece there is. It’s a clever update, but mostly, there’s just a lot less dangling fabric to deal with. That means it’s not quite as handy for winterizing your tweed blazer—but if you’re looking for something to top off a winter coat, it’s hard to do better.

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Chambray Gets Thick


The chambray march continues! And while most sartorially-minded folk are using it to add a little texture to the dress shirt, Wings + Horns are eager to make the move to outerwear.

This Baracuta-style item should be landing at Roden Gray in a few weeks, in anticipation of sunnier days, and while we never saw chambray as outer-layer material, we’re ready to be convinced. It’s certainly rumpled enough to stay casual. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might even try a matching scarf.

The Other Side


If you were wondering about the other half of the bubblegoose/hunting coat equation we outlined yesterday, we may have something for you, courtesy of Vancouver’s finest men’s shop, Roden Gray.

This bubbly jacket was stitched together by Wings & Horns, and it’s a lot less synthetic than it looks. The material is quilted chambray, a good deal softer than the petrochemical alternatives, while keeping a certain monolithic style borrowed from flashier North Face items.

The down stitched into the middle will keep things warmer than most chambray garments, but it’s still a long way from the toastiness of Woolrich’s opposite number. Hopefully you’ve got a few sweaters handy.