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Dorothea Jorgensen is Unbrushed

Roll Another Number for the Road: Will Leitch drops some remarkably unsentimental thoughts about fathers, hometowns, and drinking while driving. [Good Men Project]

Tie One On: Bruce Pask finally comes around on the neckerchief. Our work here is done. [The Moment]

The Hustler: The world called out for a pool-playing robot. Finally, their prayers have been answered. [Gizmodo]

The Internet is Terrible: B. J. Novak riffs on the internet at the Webbies. /b/ is going to have something to say about this… [Gawker]

Bad Ideas, Tennis, and More Mad Men


A Bad Idea is a Bad Idea is a Bad Idea: Proving once again, there is no bottom. [Daily Fiasco]

And Take Off Your Hat While You’re At It: Our favorite sports blogger gives us a user’s guide to the U. S. Open. The main point seems to be “sit your ass down.” Or something like that. [Daily Intel]

Breakfast at Christie’s: A Gawker alum summarizes a Christie’s auction…without calling anyone a douchebag. [RadarOnline]

Innner Tube: The creators of our new favorite show talk shop. (No, not *The Wire*. That was last month.) [AMC Blogs]