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Will Ferrell Posts a Selfie on Reddit

  • Kempt Staff


Earlier today, Will Ferrell took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session. Hilarity ensued.

But the best part had to be when he hopped over to Reddit’s menswear guidance corner, /malefashionadvice, to post a selfie on what he wore today. He then went on to describe his outfit, head to toe—which, save for an oxford cloth button-down over that chupacabra T-shirt, wouldn’t have looked too out of place at last week’s menswear market.

What Will Ferrell wore today, in his own words.»

The 64 Greatest Pajamas of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


What you wear to bed can often feel like an afterthought...

But not today.

Because today we’re giving sleepwear, in all of its glorious forms (including Marilyn Monroe’s lack thereof), its proper due. And after a painstakingly thorough search—no movie set, red carpet or private boudoir went unturned—we managed to assemble a definitive list of the 64 greatest moments in pajama-dom. That’s right, we found every last one of them.

So, without further ado: let us count down the 64 greatest pajamas, ever.»

Candice Swanepoel Is Tired of Your Overly Ambitious Sand Castles

Candice Swanepoelvia GQ UK

Shacket and Sweats: A close look at some handsome gear from Dana Lee. [The189]

“Dude” Abides: A people’s history of the word “dude” in the 20th century. Clearly they’ve seen this supercut. [Intelligent Life]

Breasts Will Be Doubled: The new crop of suits from Isaia is looking pretty handsome. [Die, Workwear]

Stiff Upper Lip: If you’ve ever wanted to know what Ron Burgundy would look like without a mustache, this is your link. He looks a lot like Ricky Bobby. [Esquire]

Naomi Watts is not Afraid to be Pulpy


Don’t Call it a Comeback: Naomi Watts drops in for her first magazine profile in quite some time. We’re guessing when she told the interviewer there were naked pictures of her on Perez Hilton, she didn’t think that would make it into copy. [Blackbook]

Bring Out the Drille: A rundown of what Toms has in stock for summer. This is what you should be wearing instead of sandals. [Cool Hunting]

We Have No Idea Either: Apparently Will Ferrell threw out the first pitch of a Houston Astros game in character as disgraced Venezuelan relief man Rojo Johnson. And somehow, it was all for charity. [The Daily What]

Half in the Bag: Perhaps this $30 army duffel bag is the answer to your problems. Anyway, it couldn’t hurt. [Valet]

Wilde at Heart


Staying Flexible: Olivia Wilde is a literal, no-foolsies princess. Pass it on. [Men.Style]

False Idols: Will Ferrell’s canceled American Idol performance, presumably canned for being too awesome for public consumption. [Funny or Die]

The Artistic Temperament: Howard Hodgkin is extremely temperamental, even for a painter. [The Guardian]

Charles in Charge: Charles Grodin gives what might be the most cantankerous interview we’ve ever read. [A. V. Club]

Step By Step


Much as we enjoy Oscar predictions and year end lists, the real judge of all art is history, and it’s often hard to predict which films will emerge as enduring works of art. But it looks like Step Brothers is one of those films.

David Edelstein, best known New York Magazine’s film critic, just placed the universally reviled Will Ferrell vehicle on his top 10 list for 2008. In other words, its place in the annals of history is secure.

As for why Edelstein saw the light, apparently this scene had something to do with it»

Working Men, Will Rebounds, and Giorgio On a Tear


Salt of The Earth: It's fun to dress like a laborer when you don't have to lift a finger. [NYTimes]

It's a Cinch: Our mental jury is still out on this drawstring-hem t shirt. [Carrying Contraption]

Rope A Dope: According to this, Monroe-wannabe Lindsay Lohan's sobriety is hanging by a thread?a resonating, energy-balancing thread. [SheFinds]

Tough Love: After banning Cathy Horyn, increasingly pissy Giorgio Armani has some choice words for Anna Wintour. [NYMag]

Big and Tall: After doing his best Dr. J impression, Will Ferrell indulges in some Charles Barkley. [Style Dash]

"Why Does Everyone Hate Hipsters?": Um, because they're hipsters? [LAist]

Politics as Usual: Sharia Law has nothing on campaign dress codes. [NYTimes]