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Tayane Melo is a Cactus Farmer

  • Kempt Staff

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Raw Denim, Minus the Indigo

With spring almost here, it’s time to work some brighter hues into your day-to-day—and as if on cue, Raleigh Denim has arrived with a pair of jeans that does just that.

It’s the same classic Cone selvage minus the indigo wash (aka the blue part), which leaves you with a hazy off-white. They’re a little more rustic than the bleached white you’ll see in most spring jeans, more upstate than uptown—but depending on the kind of spring you’ve got planned, that might be just what’s required.

And like all Raleigh Denim, they’re individually signed and numbered at the factory...just in case you forget where they came from.

Hana Jirickova is Fascinated By Your Explanation of Game of Thrones

Hana Jirickovavia WBE

Staying Bright: A gentleman’s guide to wearing white pants, courtesy of Esky’s Big Black Book. For our money, we’d save the true whites for denim. [Esquire]

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