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Stocking Your Carry-On: Five Essentials for Surviving Holiday Travel

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

1115KMT_HolidayBag_HedIt’s a fair bet that you’ll be doing some traveling in the near future (’tis the season). And since time is precious, we’re here to help you navigate the perils of holiday travel—stylishly, of course—in this weeklong series we’re calling: Travel Week.

Presenting: the necessary niceties for looking good while surviving this season’s planes, trains and automobiles, after the jump.»

Things We Learned at the Sleep-In with Sleepy Jones

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Sleepy Jones

The other day we received a curious invitation to a 24-hour sleepover with promises of reading, writing, painting and pondering...

Naturally, we obliged, and ended up happening upon one of the most unusually spectacular scenes we’ve ever encountered: pajama-clad ballerinas draping doorways in calisthenics, jazz-fueled pillow fighting and the soft, familiar scent of whiskey and bedsheets.

So in the name of journalism, we took pictures. And we’re setting down a list of lessons we learned from the night, starting with...»

The April Issues

  • Kempt Staff

Jason Bateman GQ

Now that it’s spring, everything is abloom—even your local newsstands, thanks to the newest crop of magazines swathed in brightly colored menswear.

In other words: the April issues have arrived.

And in our grand tradition of taking the pulse of printed menswear journalism, we’ve thumbed through all of the highly glossy/flammable pages of the usual suspects to give you the rundown on the upcoming trends, recent cultural phenomena and the requisite amount of eye candy.

Without further ado, the April Issues.»

Tori Prayer Would Like to Borrow Your Topcoat


No Big Hair: This is Vogue Russia, so we imagine she’s quite cold. [FashionIndie]

Life Lessons: Esquire digs a Roman Polanski’s “What I’ve Learned” piece out of the archives. Notably absent: “Never trust the Swiss.” [Esquire]

Take it Straight: Whisky gets its own social network. [Lifehacker]

Smash and Grab: Art theft continues to pick up steam. Also, it’s pretty awesome. [UnBeige]

Drop the Coin

  • Jared Paul Stern

Last year we told you about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a world-class collection of rare Scotch whiskies at a landmark Christie's sale. Now you can get the whole shebang in one bottle. It's no ordinary fifth of hooch however; called The Last Drop, it carries a $2,000 pricetag and there's an extremely limited supply.

70 different malt whiskies and 12 different grain whiskies, most from distilleries no longer extant and all at least 48 years old (i.e. pre-1960), go into this uber-blend bottled at cask strength. Of course with something like this you may want to lock it away in the cellar for some extremely important occasion, so the makers have thoughtfully included a miniature bottle gratis so you can sample the goods without breaking into the principal. And if you can stop there you're a better man than I.

Monster in a Box

  • Jared Paul Stern


We know you've been meaning to acquire all sorts of esoteric Scotch knowledge so no one laughs anymore when you try to pronounce “Islay.” There's a way to look like you know your way around the Inner Hebrides however without losing sleep over it. Compass Box, a no-nonsense artisanal Brit whiskymaker, bypasses the mumbo jumbo in favor of a simple statement expressing the character of the spirit: take our favorite from their core range, the smoked-out Peat Monster.

Now Compass Box is broadening its offerings on our side of the sink…