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Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2013

Father's Day

All right, the man’s not perfect. But he’s your father. And this Sunday, you have to show him that you appreciate that.

Now, fathers are certainly easier than mothers when it comes to these sorts of things. All dear ol’ Dad probably expects is your presence and a strong handshake. And maybe a card. But since he taught you not to do anything half-assed—for better or worse—you should probably go ahead and get the guy something anyway. And no excuses here; you can afford to splurge a little on the man you owe half your existence to.

From GQ to Cool Hunting to Vanity Fair, everyone’s got their opinions on where you should spend that pretty penny. So in an effort to simplify the decision, we’ve cut through all that noise and chosen our favorites... of their favorites.

For the slightly narrowed field, take a gander at Kempt’s Second Annual Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides (in order of Dad’s expected reaction), after the jump...»

Event Recap: Details x CFDA Weekender Collection Launch

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Details x CFDA

Continuing their week of revelry, last night the CFDA partied penthouse-style alongside Details for the launch of their second collaboration, the Weekender Collection.

Fashion folk took to the rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo, imbibing spirits from Japan’s Suntory whiskey distillery to celebrate the event. For their second project together (following last fall’s pocket square capsule), they tapped talent from 20 top menswear designers, asking each to reimagine the classic weekender duffel bag. And reimagine they did.

A hand-painted portrait of a WWII pinup girl donning Gilded Age’s bodice, leather handles and gold-pointed studs lining the straps of Simon Spurr’s, and a lesson in schizophrenic splatter painting by way of Yigal Azrouël, to name a few.

They’re each one of a kind, and will be up for grabs on eBay starting June 10 through 17.

Check out close-ups of some of our favorites after the jump.»

Craig Sager Talks Menswear, Roger Rabbit Revelations and Irish Whiskeys

  • Kempt Staff

Red Bull

Sager Wisdom: Made Man catches up with the NBA’s famously flamboyant sideline reporter Craig Sager to talk style, double-breasted silk Versace and where he draws the line (surprisingly, he has one, and it’s bow ties).

Mohawk Down: Visit LA’s well-appointed men’s shop Mohawk General Store, through the lens of Jake Davis.

Lazarus Heart: On the 25th anniversary of the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, BuzzFeed tracks down 20 enlightening factoids about the movie.

Dark Horse: In the event you’ll be tipping back some Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day, Details has rounded up your 10 most suitable options.

Elena Baguci Is Game

  • Kempt Staff

It’s Whiskey Season: Valet celebrates American rye whiskey—in turn, you should celebrate by drinking it. [Valet]

Red Zone: Esquire plays dress-up with the red carpet’s best dressed—from Hamm to Baldwin. [Esquire]

Not All Flash: Engadget get its hands on the most menswear camera on the scene right now: the Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition. [Engadget]

Ill Willard: SNL couldn’t wait till Saturday to satirize Mitt Romney. [LA Times]

This Weekend, You're... Heading to the Beach

In this new weekly series, we’re peering into your summer weekend agenda and offering a few essential sundries to help you make the most of your upcoming escapade. And it appears that this weekend, you’re heading to the beach.

You enjoy the beach. Of course you do.

It’s just that you’ve been enjoying the beach for dozens of years now, and it’s become a bit predictable: the sand, the sun, the water that’s “freezing!” and then “actually not so bad!” and then “aren’t you gonna get in?!” and so on, and so on.

Let’s be honest—you’re not going to read the Steve Jobs biography. So don’t pack it. In its stead, may we recommend one or more of the following...

10 Exceptional Gadgets to Combat Beach Boredom»

Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2012

  • Najib Benouar

It’s become a time-honored tradition for a son to give his father a token of appreciation on the third Sunday of June.

In our experience, it really is the thought that counts—whether it’s a card, a bottle of fine cognac or a steak dinner (every dad likes to celebrate differently.) But should you be feeling an extraordinary urge to lavish dear old Dad this year, we cut through all the noise (and Nooks) to help you figure out where to focus your attention—ranging from the gents at GQ to the ladies at DailyCandy to the geeks at Wired. It’s enough gadgetry, machinery and sockery to need a guide just to get through all of these gift guides...

Introducing Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2012 (in order of how endearing you plan on being).»

Get Out of the Car

The Dollars: Men’s accessories are up 14% since last year, thanks to the surge in wrist wear. [NYTimes]

Interrobang: Good to know Cormac McCarthy agrees with us about exclamation points. [The New York Observer]

Miles Smiles: A photographic ode to Miles Davis, who is a timeless badass. [A Headlong Dive]

Where Whiskey Comes From: Some lucky bloggers take a tour of the Jameson distillery, including their 36,000-barrel warehouse. [Cool Hunting]

Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down


The metallic frame above is a microscopic look at the miraculous substance known as whiskey, as rendered by the fine folks at Bevshots. (They seem to want us to put it on our wall, but we’ll politely ignore that part.) There are a half-dozen others where that came from—including vodka, sake and an unusually colorful margarita—all blown up to magnifications you haven’t seen since chemistry class. Needless to say, we’ll be raising a glass to science later this evening.

Dropping Science


Usually we want our liquors to be as artisanal as possible. We want them stored in musty oak barrels in obscure parts of Europe, crafted lovingly by inarticulate old men with beards, and delivered to us in packaging that reflects the whole beautifully anachronistic process.

But we can’t all be artisans...and “scientist” isn’t bad as a backup. Elements of Islay's whisky line bucks the usual warm design aesthetic in favor of chemical-looking beakers and table-of-elements labeling. Of course, the contents are more or less the same barrel-aged concoction, but you’d never guess it from looking.

And where there’s a niche, there’s a way.

The Mustache Movement


Canadian Club just released an update to the Goldwater-chic ad campaign that caught our eye back in January. This time, they’re circulating stirrers with mustaches at the top, so you can give yourself a small Poirot-style ‘stache or give a bit of hair to your favorite magazine fodder.

We’re glad to see anything that brings more mustaches into the world, but this has more behind it than you might think.

Get the full story here»

Historic Hooch

  • Jared Paul Stern


Starting this week, for the first time in 200 years whiskey is being sold at George Washington's distillery at Mount Vernon, where the nation's first president produced an impressive 11,000 gallons the stuff in 1799.

The move was made possible under special legislation signed by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, whom we hereby anoint an honorary MOTH for his services to the cause. The distillery was one of the largest, most successful whiskey distilleries in early America, using corn and rye grown on Washington's plantation until it burned down in 1814. It re-opened last year after extensive renovations and will hopefully be producing Washington's signature sauce in saleable quantities again soon, but for starters they're offering small bottles of a unique “vatted” American whiskey made from portions of 11 famous brands, “married” and re-aged at Mount Vernon.

The brands include Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve, and that Southern classic which might well have been named in honor of ol' George himself: Virginia Gentleman.

Your Father’s Whiskey

Canadian Club


Liquors have been touting their history for a long time (since 1847, in fact), but it’s rare to come across an ad that makes the past look like so much fun. In this print spot, Canadian Club—or, more accurately, Chicago’s Energy BBDO agency—points us to a bygone era of thin black ties, hair wax, and formal dinner attire. The tag says “June ’65,” and the gentleman in the swim trunks is sporting some decidedly counter-cultural shagginess, but otherwise the look is Goldwater-chic.

Except, perhaps, for that pair of legs on the right.

Missoni Family Line, Slamming the Door and More


House of Missoni: Angela Missoni heads to the family photoalbum for inspiration. [DNRNews]

Style Revolution: Hugo Chavez tells Naomi Campbell that his personal sartorial inspiration is Fidel Castro. Was there ever any doubt? [Contact Music]

Courtly Graces: Blended-malt feminist offers hung-over invective against men holding doors for women. We'll remember to lock it behind us next time. [Arena]

High-Def Drams: Speaking of malts, check out the first web video channel dedicated to whiskey. []

Not Just Fridays: A quick tutorial on business casual. [London Times]

Stop, Hammer Time: Baggy vs. binding as Times editors discuss the relative merits of denim fits. [The Moment]