Ashton & Demi

**Structural Support**: In the near future, girdles will actually tone your body—so go ahead and have that third brioche. [Style Dash]

**Alphabet Soup**: GQ + CFDA. [FWD]

**H to the Izzo**: Your man Sean Carter picks up another fashion label. [Female First UK]

**Viva Kimmel**: A less luxurious outlook from Florence. [Men.Style]

**Back to The Well**: More deals at Opening Ceremony. [Racked]

**Legal Suit**: Judge rules that prosecutor’s ascot, “borders on contemptuous,” a precedent soon to be employed in the case of Neckkerchief vs. State of Ohio. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

**Product Placement**: Adrian Grenier pimps We Are the Superlative Conspiracy with the cryptic, “Remember… remember.” [TMZ]

**Retrospective**: 2007, the year tacky broke. [Electric Warrior]

**Small Cap Investment**: The Journal puts a “buy” order on the fedora. [WSJ]

**Boy Toy**: “How To Dress Like The Perfect Couple” by Christopher “Ashton” Kutcher. [Harper's Bazaar]

**”I Remember The First Time I Had Real Sex—I Still Have The Receipt”**: Oh, Sebastian, you scalawag you. [GQ Style Guy]

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