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IRL: Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom

  • Tyler Raftery
IRL: Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom

Summertime finally washed over the Kempt region this week, presenting two big dilemmas: how to look like you put some effort into your sweat-smothered outfit, and how to blend into a small, (presumably) cool island off the coast of New England.

This in mind, we turned to the oracle of all things effortless, Bill Murray, for answers—specifically, his quirk-meets-casual style in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

T-minus your click to madras.

The Many Mustaches of The Grand Budapest Hotel


Last weekend, we were lucky enough to catch an advance screening of Wes Anderson’s latest opus, The Grand Budapest Hotel, due to hit theaters next Friday.

Stylistically, it was awesome—which came as no surprise, given the director’s personal track record of impeccable style. But there was one distinctly Andersonian quirk that stood out most this go-round: the facial hair. Period-accurate to a tee, the film is littered with triumphant upper-lip ticklers that would put most Brooklynites’ to shame, including a particularly impressive Chester A. Arthur–like situation on one Mr. Bill Murray. But you don’t have to take our word for it, because we’ve rounded up some stills for you ahead of the release.

See for yourself the many mustaches of The Grand Budapest Hotel, after the jump...»

Seinfeld Style, Slick Jeans and Wes Anderson

  • Kempt Staff

Urban Sombrero: Four Pins recounts the rich sartorial history of Seinfeld by recapping the show’s greatest fashion moments.

Salve-aged Denim: A high-tech clothing solution for a problem that we can’t be sure really exists: leg-moisturizing jeans.

Middle Man: The story of one savvy programmer who managed to outsource his own six-figure job for pennies on the dollar.

How Grand: The Hollywood Reporter, er, reports that filming for Wes Anderson’s next twee opus, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is under way.

Roman Coppola On The return of Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray's Style, And 70's Jack Nicholson

Director Roman Coppola

Yesterday, we sat down with writer and director Roman Coppola to talk about his new film, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. This morning, he was nominated for an Oscar as a writer for the screenplay of Moonrise Kingdom, one of his many collaborations with Wes Anderson. Coincidence?

He shared his thoughts on everything from his musical inspirations and his favorite of the Godfather films to whatever the hell is going on with Jason Schwartzman's hair.»

The Printed Tenenbaums

  • Najib Benouar

Wes Anderson leaves no detail underdone.

To that end, Criterion recently culled his magnum opus on a family of eccentrics in turmoil, The Royal Tenenbaums, for each character’s literary legacy. They’ve found everything from a book of plays by Margot, to Eli Cash’s Old Custer, to the front-page news of Richie’s mid-tennis-match meltdown. And in typical Andersonian fashion, they’re thoughtfully designed Easter eggs worth a closer look.

Take a closer look at the covers in their full-size glory.»

Everything’s Coming Up Handsome

  • Najib Benouar

The new trailer for the hotly anticipated Baz Lurhmann remake of The Great Gatsby has been tearing up the Internet today—yes, we’ve got it here—and the flashing scenes of bow ties, tweed and tossed silk shirts (they’re such beautiful shirts) read like the exclamation point on an already stylish lineup of movies for the year.

For whatever reason, we’ve noticed a steep uptick in stylish movies for 2012, and we’re looking forward to watching it all play out—beginning with Moonrise Kingdom’s fastidiously dressed-up quirkiness hitting theaters this weekend. Bond promises to make a good showing, Batman’s bound to have a tuxedo up his sleeve, Gosling’s back in Gangster Squad, we’re hearing good things about The Master, and even this week’s Anchorman 2 teaser has got our leisure-suit interests piqued. We like what we see, and we’d like to keep seeing more. (Stay classy, film industry.)

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered all six of the aforementioned trailers after the jump. You might want to rest your eyes halfway.»