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You’ll Like This Site Because You’re In It


Filmmaker and noted Rubik’s cube enthusiast Michel Gondry just launched (via NotCot), and it’s well on its way to becoming the most whimsical thing on the internet. As you might imagine, it’s a pretty competitive title.

The site’s launch is timed to coincide with the director’s second music video compilation, but trust Gondry to use rudimentary Flash animation to create something both childlike and strangely troubling. The site begins with a mountain-nosed caricature of the Gondry standing at attention, and each product is explained by a new arm emerging, Quatto-like, from one of the director’s orifices with an informative placard.

The products include custom sketches, pre-drawn sketchpad toilet paper (“Wipe your ass with Michel’s good ideas”), and a disaster-themed calendar for 2007—which, the site notes helpfully, will be date-accurate again in 2018.

Playboy’s New Playground

playboycover_crop.jpg has needed a polish for some time now, so it’s only natural that they roll out a redesign on the heels of their archive's recent online move. And ad units don’t grow on dead trees…

The stated goal of the new site is to get viewers to stick around for upwards of half an hour, but we’re not so sure. There certainly is a lot of new stuff to look at: style, nightlife, a full-scale culture section and a decent catchall section for Playboy’s typical idiosyncratic humor. But there’s still something missing.

Where are all the listicles? Where are the pointlessly provocative screeds? We looked for something making fun of Kanye—for more than half an hour, in fact—but we couldn’t find one. All we got was a centerfold jigsaw puzzle and a flash cartoon about a monkey on a road trip.

Hef’s got a lot to learn about the internet.

Labels Unite!


Online boutiques are a good idea, but the Black Buoy is the first time we’ve seen three labels with small stocks join together in a single site. It’s a good idea; no one of them would have been able to hold our interest for very long, but together they make up quite a store. Plus, we managed to find this charcoal button-down, from the small Max & Suzanne, and stitched together right here in New York.

The Choosy Beggar turned us onto the site, and has a code that should get you 15% off.