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John Belushi in His Natural Habitat

  • Najib Benouar

Today would’ve been John Belushi’s 64th birthday, and of all his memorable comedic moments, his turn as half of the outlaw do-gooders in black suits, fedoras and Wayfarers has always resonated with us most. So we’ve dug up some rarely seen photos of him in full Blues Brothers regalia to commemorate Belushi the elder.

We’re pretty sure that if he were still around to celebrate 64, it would look very similar to this.»

The Disenfranchised Youth, Circa 1966

  • Najib Benouar

In 1966, Life magazine checked in on the street youth of Watts in the wake of riots and another dubious police shooting, and what they found was a surprisingly dapper lot. On first mention, South Central Los Angeles might not immediately conjure images of preppy shawl-cardigans, Wayfarers, rolled jeans and Thom Browne–esque pant hems—but as it turns out, these kids were pioneering the Black Ivy look well before Street Etiquette was on the scene (and doing it in the most unexpected place). A few snaps have been kicking around the blogosphere since appearing on a Brazilian blog, but in the event you don’t read Portuguese, we’ve compiled the entire spread of well-dressed rebels going about their day: admiring the Watts Towers, listening to tunes and preparing a few Molotov cocktails (just in case). One street tough in particular arrives on the scene in Clubmasters, a corduroy shacket and a pinky ring, and it’s got us looking forward to an unseasonably cool day.

More on the unlikely style of Watts in the ’60s.»

Antlers on Your Temples

  • Najib Benouar

Now that we’re unquestionably into sunglasses season, you’ll want to brush up on our Icon’s Guide to Sunglasses. Then you’ll want to turn your attention to this new line of shades, Westward Leaning. They only make one style—a classic keyhole Wayfarer that splits the difference between McQueen and Cruise—but they keep things interesting by slotting different, unexpected materials into the temples.

Our favorite pair has been outfitted with antlers shed by elk in Wyoming and harvested by a local Boy Scouts troop allowed to auction off their findings in return for a donation toward preserving the herd. It’s all very Teddy Roosevelt (the sunglasses’ namesake) and makes for a great backstory. One best told while speaking softly and carrying elk antlers.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Tom Sturridge

Tom Sturridgevia Bauer Griffin, see it full size

Tom Sturridge is having a good week.

This snap caught the British actor just before the new year, touring Paris with Sienna Miller (nice work if you can get it) and a near-perfect collection of accoutrements.

The Wayfarers speak for themselves, but we’re also digging the wintry overcoat, the stubble and the Doherty-style fedora, which add up to a surprisingly potent getup. It’s the perfect “off-day with the lady” outfit, equal parts staying rakish for Sienna and not giving a damn what anyone else might think.

Judging from her smile, we’d say it’s working.

The Frames of Yore


As we’ve noticed before, frames haven’t changed much in the past few decades. So it’s nice to find a brand that was actually making them way back when.

Anglo-American Optical has been in the game since 1882, putting them a good century ahead of most of the other brands out there—and giving them quite an archive to pick from. So when you start looking for the same frames as that one extra in The Italian Job, there’s a good chance they’ve got the exact model. And if you want a slight twist on it, you can try out their “handmade” section, which lets you get a little more custom. Our favorite so far is this quasi-Wayfarer, available in any number of Moscot-esque shades.

Janet Agren Prefers a One-Piece

janetagren_crop.jpgvia WBE

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