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Katy Perry, Billionaires and Sartorial Hookups


Katydid: Ms. Perry graces the Esquires pages, reveals her secret love for Pat Benetar. Doesn’t that usually happen via karaoke? [Fashion Indie]

One Billion Dollars: There are 1,125 fewer billionaires in America than there were a year ago. Light a candle for them, folks. [Luxist]

There’s No Gossip Like Blog Gossip: The Sartorialist and Garance Doré are now an item. Is there a special blogroll for that? [Cup of Jo]

Who Watches?: The Watchmen movie gathers buzz. And this doesn’t hurt either. [BlackBook]

Atrocity Exhibition


The Watchmen movie was never going to be a fan favorite, but our current feelings about it can be expressed through the following tidbit of news, courtesy of our friends at Complex: For the closing credits, emo kids My Chemical Romance have recorded a cover of Bob Dylan’s eleven-minute opus “Desolation Row.”

Please please please no.

This is everything that's wrong with the Watchmen project and Hollywood in general. Start with a genuinely interesting, prickly subject matter, then churn out an "update" with a stylistic overhaul, a dumbstruck, glib reverence, and almost none of the sinister ambiguity of the original. Isn’t there some way we can use the credit crisis to stop all of this?