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The First Smartwatch for Watch Guys

  • Najib Benouar


We usually give the wearable-tech scene a wide berth, but a new smartwatch that was unveiled today at CES piqued our interest: the Pebble Steel.

It’s the first smartwatch we’ve seen that’s embraced the analog side of things—meaning, it actually looks like something you could wear with a suit and wingtips and not get laughed out of a boardroom. The gents at Pebble were hearing a lot of requests from watch guys who wanted to try out the new tech—it’s iOS and Android compatible, among other things—so they took all of the gadgetry from their first iteration, which looked a lot like the rest of the chunky plastic and rubber read-outs you see strapped to techies’ wrists, and then changed everything on the outside for the Steel. They built a tonneau-esque steel case, shortened the distance between lugs, added the option of a leather strap and slimmed down the profile. The result: a smartwatch that looks smart.

We’ve got a few more looks at the handsome new line of smartwatches after the jump.»