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The Five Gallery Shows to Visit on a Rainy Day

  • Najib Benouar


We’re headed into the lamb end of March, which means most of the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to feel the early stages of spring fever.

But that doesn’t mean the weather is going to cooperate with your every urge to get outdoors just yet—and our favorite way to weather the unexpectedly overcast weekend day: visit an art gallery.

Sure, it’s not exactly an idyllic picnic in the park, but you’re still getting all the benefits of a leisurely weekend stroll—salvaging any date plans that might have been rained on—and adding to your ever-expanding worldliness while you’re at it. So, to that end, we surveyed the spring exhibitions opening in a city near you (also: Hong Kong) and found the five you’ll want to know about the next time you need some last-minute shelter from the elements.

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On the Question of the President’s Shoes...

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the president’s shoes ever since we heard he’d decided against going full-Americana during his last inauguration. He’s long been a Hart Schaffner Marx man in the suits department, and his overcoat and scarf were Brooks Brothers, but for some reason he stopped short at the shoes—electing for a pair of probaby-not-made-in-the-USA Cole Haans and creating a small scandal among sartorially inclined patriots.

In so doing, he broke with tradition: ever since the Reagan era, every president has taken the oath of office in a pair of Wisconsin-made Allen Edmonds—until Obama snubbed them in 2009. And early reports from this morning’s festivities indicate he’s forgone them again. There’s still a chance he slips into a pair for the inaugural ball—you know what they say about Wisconsinites and their dancing shoes—but it’s still an interesting choice to note.

Luckily, he’s still got four more years to get it right.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Joe Biden

mothbiden_cropvia WSJ

Oh, Mr. Biden.

As we’ve noticed before, he’s one of the smoother gentlemen in Washington. And even when playing golf with politicians—a veritable Bermuda Triangle of slouchiness—he finds room for a little swagger. Even here, he’s wearing ostensibly the same outfit as Mr. Boehner (to the left, with his back to us), but a slimmer polo and a less cinched belt make all the difference. And most importantly, he’s not afraid to smile for the cameras.

We assume he’s inviting them to see his Trans Am.

Men in Blue

Cops in Shorts

As we’ve mentioned before, we tend to be skeptical of shorts in a professional setting. Even if you’re spending much of your day outside, there simply has to be another way.

But recent news has put our credo to the test. Apparently the police officers who patrol the U.S. Capitol have been banned from wearing shorts, despite 100-plus temperatures in DC. But the reason, we have to say, is a good one: knee shorts look silly when you’re carrying an automatic rifle.

We’re hard-pressed to disagree…»

Ms. Wasson, Mr. Hart, and the High Life


Garage Days: Erin Wasson had a garage sale this weekend, for anti-materialist reasons. That explains why we always see her wearing so little. [Fashion is Spinach]

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Toeing the Line: Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner wore the same tie before congress today. So much for interagency coordination… [Gawker]

Wheels of Progress


Apple’s been pretty consistent with their store designs—hewing to the everything-looks-like-an-iPod school of interior design—but not everyone’s happy about it. Specifically, the kind souls in the Georgetown area.

In case you’re less familiar with our nation’s capital, Georgetown is the rigidly quaint high-rent district with lots that look more like J. Crew than Popular Science. So when the Jobs Army came a-knocking back in September ‘07, Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission turned them down flat. But give them credit for persistence: in the intervening 18 months, they’ve submitted three more designs, each of which has been subsequently turned down.

We’re not entirely surprised. Apple’s sleekness and Georgetown’s nostalgia are pretty tough to blend, but the surprising thing is how well the sketches end up bringing them together. Apple still has one of the best design teams in the country, so if anyone can do it they can.

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