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The Lost Art of the Business Card

The startup era has uprooted a lot of genteel business customs. There was the firm handshake, the gray flannel suit, the quaint courtesy of eye contact—and now, it looks like the business card is coming into the crosshairs.

This Chicago Tribune piece lays it out in detail, but the gist is simple: after email signatures, you don’t need them, so fewer and fewer people are bothering to print them up at all.

But we’d like to offer a word of warning to anyone thinking of going paperless: when you give up your stack of cards, you’re giving up something much more precious than paper. You’re giving up control...

The lost art of the business card, when practiced properly»

Jutta is Doffing Her Cap

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: The world’s first robotic dance crew is serving fools like nobody’s business. We’re just sorry MJ didn’t live to see it. [Gizmodo]

Half Off: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pledge to give away half their fortunes to worthy causes—presumably including grants to men’s style bloggers. [VF Daily]

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Lagerfeld Shoots Homme, Harvey Shoots Halston and More


Dior Homme

Name Game: Glam-obsessed Roberto Cavalli hires French rock and roll band… um… Rock & Roll to star in his ad campaigns. "Rock & Roll"? Really inventive there, garçons. [FWD]

Join the Hunt: _Field and Stream_ magazine expands its licensing hoping to tap into that juicy casual game hunter/rampaging Vice President market. [DNRNews]

The Oracle of Omaha: Is master capitalist Warren Buffett giving Ralph Lauren his Midas touch? [Seeking Alpha, #11]

New Republic: Simon Kneen, one of the many creative directors and designers responsible for Brooks Brothers recent renaissance, takes over the helm at Gap's Banana Republic. [AP via Fox Business]

Inside Hollywood: Jude Law, who has starred in several Miramax films, will star in the Weinstein-produced biopic of Halston—a line now owned by… yes, Harvey Weinstein. [Men.Style]

Homme Coming: New ad campaign, shot by Monsieur Lagerfeld, gives us a closer look at Kris Van Assche's Spring Dior Homme line. [Eye4style]

Box Set: Addicted to Polos? This $5,000 commemorative collector's trunk should cure that—forever. [Rock Box]