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Introducing Beach Week... with Sunglasses


It might not be this weekend—though there is a good chance it will be—or the next weekend, but soon enough you’re going to find yourself at the beach.

And you should be prepared.

Which is why we’re declaring it Beach Week here on Kempt, in an effort to send you to the shore in style. We’re rounding up all of the pertinent essentials, from reading material to sunglasses. In fact, that’s where we’re starting: the almighty shades.

Herewith, the best new sunglasses on the market this season.»

Breaking: Warby Parker’s First West Coast Location


Today we come bearing great news for Angelenos in need of a new pair of shades. (On our count, that would be every last single one of you.)

Because Warby Parker is planting its first West Coast roots in a brightly lit corner of the Standard in Hollywood this weekend—according to our pals on the inside at UrbanDaddy Los Angeles.

That’s right, an honest-to-God brick-and-mortar shop that will be stocked with all of the same vintage-y, socially conscious, thick-framed handsomeness you’ve been pining for from afar... but real, graspable, set-upon-the-bridge-of-your-nose-able. Which means you can ensure the best fit without any online guessing—they’ll even take your pupillary distance measurements for you. (Think of it as a tailor for your face.)

Naturally, we’ve got a sneak peek at the Geoff-McFetridge-muraled shop for you, after the jump.»

The Kempt Five: Inaugural Edition


You might think we’re all selvage denim and bespoke suits over here at Kempt HQ, and not unfairly so. But we’re starting to think it’s high time you got a bit of a deeper look into what really makes us tick. So starting today, we’re going to give you a piece of our minds.

Actually, more like five pieces.

Every Wednesday from here on out, we’ll present you with five things that we’ve had our wandering eyes on recently. And what defines “things,” you ask? Well, really, nothing is off-limits. Given we find it cool, or interesting, or downright beautiful, it’s got as good of a shot as any of making the list. New collections or gallery shows, a novel we’ve been reading, an album drop or even just a damn fine pair of pants—you’ll see quickly that our interests are as varied as the next guy’s. And it’s time we celebrated that accordingly.

So do us a favor and join us as we introduce our newest, and most personal, weekly feature: The Kempt Five

Sunglasses for Your Summer Plans


Next weekend marks the unofficial start to summer—which means it’s time to kick your summer preparations into high gear right now.

And above all else, you’re going to need to pick up the right pair of shades for wherever it is you plan on summering—because the sun in Cannes requires a different UV protection than the sun you’ll encounter on the music festival circuit. So we put together a handy guide for your summer’s eyewear-related needs.

Choosing your sunglasses according to your summer plans.»

Detroit’s Shinola, Ending the Need for Bras and the Masters’ Pimento-Gate

esq warby parker

Shine On: Valet has word of a new enterprise in Detroit hell-bent on reviving American manufacturing of everything from bicycles to watches. (Cars can’t be far behind.)

Bra Burning: 15 years of research suggests there’s no benefit to be gained by wearing a bra, according to this groundbreaking scientific study from France (but of course).

Good Eye: Esquire gets a sneak peek at the slick new brick-and-mortar of bespectacled do-gooders Warby Parker. S’wicheroo: The biggest disappointment at this weekend’s Masters didn’t happen on the course, but in the clubhouse: it would seem the traditional pimento cheese sandwich had been corrupted.

Your New Sunglasses for S/S 2013


While you’ve probably got a trusty pair of shades tucked away from last summer, it’s always nice to have another pair to reach for in the event of the inevitable... Forgetting them in a cab. A tragic kayaking mishap. Accidents happen.

Luckily, a handsome new crop of sunglasses has landed on the market just in time to have you fully equipped to keep your eyes stylishly protected from the harmful effects of the sun—and the occasional morning after—when you’ll need them most. Even luckier: we’ve rounded up your best options, from new-age club masters to good old aviators. So, without further ado:

All of the UV-rated dapperness your face requires.»