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Scott Caan is the New Juergen Teller


Renaissance Man: Scott Caan muses on the dubious quality of Hawaii 5-0 and his sideline photographing hotel nudes. [Esquire]

Dispatches from the Edge of Sanity: Thom Browne’s Paris show suggests androgyny, classicism and drug use. [The Moment]

The Watchmen: Jason Chow guides us to the perfect watch if you’re only going to own one. If possible, it should have a portrait of your face in jewels. [WSJ]

Stankonia: A Canadian student goes 15 months without washing his jeans or causing a bacterial outbreak. We are of mixed opinion. [ABC]

Michelle Williams is in Need of a Massage

The Persistence of Plaid: Ray Smith explains why plaid has stuck around. [WSJ]

Necks Will Be Protected: The $50 check wool tie. [Commerce with a Conscience]

Sander Strikes Back: The Beggar pegs the return of Uniqlo +J to next Wednesday. You’ve been warned. [The Choosy Beggar]

Lonely at the Top: An interview/factory tour with Top Shelf, one of the largest sellers of custom clothing in the U.S. [Secrets of the City]

Wigging Out


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the Wall Street Journal is kidding.

Take, for instance, their latest style dispatch, aptly titled “Toupee Test.” The fact that the phrase “Hair Hat” is used in the subtitle seems to suggest that they know no one who cares enough about style to read newspaper articles about it would ever consider following through on a wig purchase. But the piece itself is a fairly straight consumer report comparing the fiber density cost and return policies (don’t think too much about that last one) of fine retailers such as Best Wig Outlet, Lori’s Wigsite and Clearly someone, somewhere is thinking about buying a wig

For the benefit of the uncertain, we’ll offer a bit of contrary wisdom: Don't. Please. Embrace the donut and you’ll be a better man for it.

Still the One


The Wall Street Journal has been taking on the Times pretty directly lately, and it looks like the style beat is no exception. We’re sure they were both racing for the “Steve McQueen is still cool” story, but credit the WSJ for pulling it in first.

The problem, as you might have guessed, is that he never really went away. Baracuta might be having a revival, but McQueen himself has never really fallen out of style. To the extent that he had a surge, we’re already on the tail end of it. That is, around the time when the big houses stomp in and large scale trend pieces start to water things down. None of it’s wrong exactly, but it’s also hard to pinpoint anything that wouldn’t have been true five years ago…or fifteen for that matter.

The New World


This handy graphic is from the WSJ’s latest dispatch on the state of men’s underwear in America, and it should bring you more or less up to date on your options.

Back in the day, the hip style used to alternate generations: Bogey’s boxers gave way to Kerouac’s briefs, and so on and so on through Risky Business. A few more options might give way to a bit of anxiety, but more options are almost always better. And in the end, it’s between you and whoever’s likely to see you out of trou.

You’ll be fine as long as you stay away from the one on the right.