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The D-B Suit, Circa 1990

  • Najib Benouar

It’s damn near impossible to put Leonardo DiCaprio in a suit and make him look bad. But from the looks of this photo, snapped on the set of Scorsese’s upcoming financial industry takedown, The Wolf of Wall Street, Marty has managed it somehow. It’s hard to tell what’s worse: the button placement, that power tie or the unbridled excess of material—but it’s all another reminder of how good we’ve got it in the double-breasted department nowadays. Keep it tight, gentlemen.

The Dress Code for the Deposed Heir

The red bow tie is hard to pull off, but if you’ve recently lost your fortune and are wandering the city in search of authentic life, you might get a pass.

This snap comes from an upcoming Jason Bateman flick, The Longest Week, currently filming on location on Wall Street. (If you guessed it was a mashup of Arthur and Arrested Development, you weren’t far off.) More importantly, he got his suit courtesy of Doyle Mueser, one of the West Village’s best bespoke shops—together with loafers from Industry of All Nations.

We wouldn’t normally recommend loafers with a suit—but in the case of the fictional idle rich, we’ll make an exception.

A Tour of American Protest Style

On the heels of yesterday’s Zuccotti troubles (captured in gloriously cheeky video here), we thought we’d take a moment to recognize the unique style of the American protestor.

It’s not flashy, of course, but there’s plenty to admire here, from the black suits of the civil rights era to the Oakie uniform of work shirts and weathered khakis. They weren’t wearing them to make a statement—they had signs for that—but it was part of the message nonetheless.

As it turns out, charisma has a way of making its own style, and they were never short on charisma.

A tour of American protest style...»

Hipster Cops and the Serpico Effect

Thus far, we haven’t had much to say about Occupy Wall Street, but we may have finally found an angle we can sink our teeth into.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rick, photographed on duty at Zuccotti Park. Rick is a cop. Rick is also a snappy dresser—at least by the standards of municipal employees. And for some reason, the confluence of those two facts has given us hope in these crazy, Occupied times.

Allow us to explain...»

The Square and the Hip

Something Wild

Just like the army, there’ll always be a counter-culture. And even in Gekko-era Wall Street (quite possibly the squarest setting imaginable), there’s always a chance for a change in style

Something Wild arrives on Criterion tomorrow, quite possibly the perfect parable of counter-cultural temptation. The prospect of buying a car from John Waters, hitting the road in a thrift-store suit and seeing the Feelies play a high school reunion still sounds pretty good—even if you like your suit the way it is.

Sympathy for the Devil


The internet’s already expressing its displeasure with Wall Street 2 in various channels—including the shocking revelation that most Wall Streeters wear neither pocket squares nor ties—but we thought we’d weigh in on one small absurdity: after Madoff, Lehman Brothers and everything else, Oliver Stone seems to trust bankers more than ever.

Without succumbing to any spoilers, we’ll just say that this entry finds Mr. LeBeouf crusading for green energy through (what else?) high-powered finance capitalism. And it turns out not to be such a bad idea. It’s enough to make you forget that the original focused mostly on the Street’s propensity to chew up and spit out.

For all the love directed towards Mr. Gekko, who remembers Martin Sheen, the wise union man urging the kids to make something real instead of living off the buying and selling of others? It’s a surprisingly relevant thought for the age of workwear and DIY. You just won’t hear it at the movies.

The Other Half


Students of American style should take note: the upper class isn’t quite as old as you’d think. Only a few centuries ago, even New York was a rugged frontier town, with an upper-crust populated by shysters and remittance men. Brooklyn was still farmland and Wall Street still had a wall around it. The clothes may have been dirtier, but we’re sure you could pick up a few things.

One of our favorite publishers just came out with a book that immerses you in just that era. It’s called *High Society*, from British historian and noted dandy Nick Foulkes. It may be the beginning of a new historical obsession for us.

They really knew how to wear a hat back then.

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