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The Welterweight Tie

We don’t usually choose our ties based on boxing matches…but there’s a first time for everything.

WBO Welterweight World Champion Manny Pacquaio is coming up for his third bout against Juan Manuel Marquez this Saturday, and in certain circles, it’s a very big deal. Enough of a big deal that Italophile tie-maker Vittorio J is commemorating the occasion with a limited-edition necktie. The pattern's modeled after the flag of the Phillipines, where Pacquaio was born, but it’s safe to say the only people who’ll get the reference will already be fans.

That makes it one of the more dignified ways to show your allegiance to a fighter—at least compared to screaming from the front row. Let’s just hope the trend slows down before Ochocinco gets involved.

Going Wide


It’s been a while since we heard from the power tie, but apparently it’s alive and well.

These are from Vittorio J’s new Exclusives Collection, which is taking a shot at bringing high-quality silk, Italian oil treatments and extremely wide cuts back into the mainstream. In other words, it’s more for the folks at Goldman Sachs than the skinny/knit crowd…and at the moment that’s not such a crowded field. These models get extra points for something called a “saddle stitch,” a thread running down the back that lets you straighten them out with just a tug. The bad news? Each style is limited to just a few items, to keep things appropriately exclusive. Curious parties can pick one up at Imparali Custom Tailors.

Tie Game


Our favorite bespoke tie-maker has a new line coming out, and we couldn’t resist taking an early peek.

Vittorio J will still work up a handful of ties to your specs, but you might do just as well sticking with their in-house line. They make the clever move of going narrow without being skinny, but the material might be an even bigger draw. They use English silk and the emphasis everywhere is on intricate patterns and bold colors.

Think of it as a consolation prize now that the upward-slope doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

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