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The Seven Most Spectacular Cars You Can Buy Tomorrow

  • Najib Benouar


There are few things in this world as achingly beautiful as an immaculately-cared-for vintage roadster.

And tomorrow Sotheby’s is rolling a few dozen of them into Manhattan for an auction called The Art of the Automobile. If you’re in town and have ever felt the urge to see a Mercedes with gullwing doors, the race car Michael Schumacher piloted to victory in Monaco or the Jaguar Enzo Ferrari deemed the most beautiful car ever made (or have a couple million bucks lying around to buy any of them), this is your time.

Luckily, we’ve gone through the lots to find the most spectacular options.»

Dusting Off: The Pneumatic Tube

  • Najib Benouar

Pneumatic Tube

Countless devices have become obsolete since the advent of the digital age, but one of the most overlooked casualties has to be the pneumatic tube.

It went the way of the telegram decades ago (you’ll still find a few intact tube systems here or there—in a Midwestern packing plant or an old airport terminal—but even those are rarely used nowadays). This was the instant messenger that predated AOL by a century, thanks to some Industrial Age ingenuity and a giant air compressor. And we think it needs to make a comeback.

A case for dusting off the pneumatic tube.»

Heirloom Week: The Head Start

  • Najib Benouar

Hugh & Crye

We’ve spent the entire week speculating on the heirloom futures market, but sometimes it’s good to have a little head start.

Nothing too crazy, just 50 to 60 years or so.

Luckily, our esteemed colleagues at the Washington, DC, bureau of UrbanDaddy have just tipped us off to Hugh & Crye’s recently launched vintage stock. It’s mostly ties, pocket squares and lapel pins—which is a good start in the trinkets department—from the Eisenhower era, but that shouldn’t mean you’ll relegate these to the gray flannel suit days. In fact, a good amount of the ties sport a surprisingly modern slimness. (Plus, there isn’t a more timeless icon than the oriole bird.)

Take a few more looks at our favorite finds of the bunch.»

Considering the Unlined Blazer

  • Najib Benouar

Unlined Blazer

The trick to spring-summer dressing is pretty much the opposite of fall-winter: the less layers, the better.

And one way to remove a layer while still pulling off a tailored look is to opt for an unlined blazer—preferably in the airiest weave you can find.

The giveaway of a good unlined blazer is the taped seams (our bearded friend here is doing a good job of demonstrating this, by showing the neon-taped interior of his blazer). Most blazers don’t have finished seams because they’ll never see the light of day once the lining has been sewn in. It’s a neat trick—the taped seams—but mostly a good sign of what you should be looking for in a lightweight blazer.

And we have taken the liberty of rounding up the eight finest unlined blazers on the market right now.»