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Valentina Vallone Has Misunderstood Yoga

Elvis Presto is Involved: Video from an era when Super Bowl halftime shows involved 3D magic tricks and Solid Gold dancers. Still sounds better than the Black Eyed Peas. [Popdust]

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Stirred: Bond #23 has signed on both Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes for obscure, quasi-villainous roles. Add in Sam Mendes behind the camera and things are looking pretty interesting. [/Film]

Blue Note


Heritage can mean a lot of different things, but leave it to the chaps at Hill-Side to work Medieval England into the equation. Starting this Friday, they’ll be offering their classic stable of goods—that’s square-end tie, pocket square, handkerchief and scarf—in dip-dyed woad blue, with the help of the British artisan dyers at Tender Co..

About that heritage: Woad is one of the oldest dyes in the world, a staple of English clothing dating back to the Viking era, so it’s got a good millennium on most of what passes for heritage stateside. And as it turns out, the result is a pretty handsome shade of blue. It’s not that different from the chambray-assisted hues Hill-Side started out with—just with a new color and a richer dye pattern, and a whole lot more history to it.

Albion, here we come.

See a few snaps of the dyeing process after the jump»

The Wild North


We’ll just come out and say it: The world needs more Viking movies.

They were one of the most brutal, pitiless civilizations in human history, with profound statements on war, civilization and unaccomodated humanity built right into any story you might tell. There’s already a great short story, but for some reason every time a filmmaker tries to take it on they end up with something like this. But the Danes may be about to set things straight.

The picture above is from Valhalla Rising, a Norse flick from Nicolas Refn that’s gradually making its way to American shores. The gentleman in the picture is Mads Mikkelsen—also known as the bad guy from Casino Royale—who plays a mute, one-eyed gladiator-slave (take a second on that one) making an Aguirre-esque journey to Jerusalem with a group of Christian missionaries. By all accounts, it’s completely insane, and only the beginning of the Viking revival. Let’s just try to make it better than the pirate resurgence of the early 00s.

Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



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