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Chloe Sevigny is like a Lady Cobain


Each Generation Gets the Hipster Periodicals it Deserves: Vice stops through Louisiana for its community service. The result is fittingly titled, “Louisiana Goddamn.” [VICE]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Laserlike Focus: Alain de Botton introduces the concept of the mental diet. If anyone asks, that’s why we haven’t seen the new Lady Gaga video yet. [City Journal]

It Was Pretty Sweet in the Beginning: Esquire publishes a comprehensive guide to American manhood, from graduating high school through several midlife crises and eventual (implied) death. It’s maybe more real than they meant it to be. [Esquire]

Ice, Man: The cultural death pact that is Bros Icing Bros has reached the pages of the New York Times. Apparently even The National is doing it. Nobody comes out of that one looking good. [NYTimes]

Ruby is Being Hypnotized


Very Sleepy: The lads at Vice test the gullibility of their models. [Vice]

It’s Happening: LCD’s James Murphy shares his wisdom and karaoke picks—specifically Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” Well done. [Opening Ceremony]

The Top is Down: Steve McQueen’s ’58 Siata 208S (that translates to “beautiful red convertible”) has found its way to eBay. Commence yearning. [Autoblog]

Padding: What to expect from your iPad. Apparently it makes a lousy tennis racquet. [CrunchGear]

Annabelle Dexter Jones is Doing Her Best Olsen Impression


It’s All Standard: A Fall lookbook gives the Standard Hotel windows a run for their money. [Refinery29]

Could This Be the End of the Novelty Yamulke?: Vice rounds up their least favorite trends. Thankfully, suspenders escape unscathed. [Vice]

I Like to Get Deep Sometimes: Joel Johnston muses on the halflife of Facebook, and the impermanence of all things. [Gizmodo]

The End: Jessica Grose bemoans the rise of the “Omega Male.” But she seems to be unaware what an awesome name it is. [Slate]

Fabiana Semprebom is in Repose


Questionable Posture: More loungewear enthusiasm from the lads at GQ. [SwipeLife]

Slow Learner: Digging up the extremely short fiction of John Hughes. Shockingly enough, it’s pretty damn good. [Vanity Fair]

Just for Kicks: Vice embraces self-parody in a flurry of alternately hilarious and horrifying dick jokes. Bring popcorn. [Vice]

We Go Together: Barneys gets together with Band of Outsiders and comes away with a single button twill tuxedo. [Selectism]

The Streets of New York


The appeal of army boots is as much functional as sartorial, so the usual ad tricks—people wearing them, for instance—don’t work quite as well. Luckily, you can always get creative…

These spots for the French Legion-approved Palladium Boots line explore New York’s abandoned spaces, some of which are pretty fantastic and all of which require some pretty rugged footwear. The campaign comes with a documentary on a few of the more interesting spots, and it’ll presumably tell you how to find them in the bargain. And if the style seems familiar, there’s a reason: the whole thing was cooked up by Virtue, the advertising wing of Vice Magazine. No wonder Brooklyn’s so well-represented…



It’s been a long time since Scarface, but the world of drug trafficking has been through some remarkable changes. For instance, it looks a lot more like a Batman movie than you’d think…

A Vice TV doc just tipped us off to the strange phenomenon of narco-subs, underwater crafts that carry up to 10 tons of cocaine across the Pacific with as low a profile as possible. Naturally, they’re every bit as makeshift as you’d expect, but it’s still amazing what you can do with a bit of carpentry and fiberglass…

See the video»

Bar, Milk, and Yeezy


It’s a Low Bar: The divine Ms. Refaeli is on board to host MTV’s revamped House of Style. Here’s hoping she can avoid getting a catchphrase. [People]

Milking It: Vice experiments with the culinary possibilities of breast milk. We give it six months before this makes it to four-star restaurants. [Vice]

By Any Other Name: The good news: Kanye’s Nike collaboration finally has a name. The bad news: that name is Air Yeezy. [Secret Society]

Mr. President, Have Pity on the Working Man: Cigar taxes go through the roof, forcing decadence enthusiasts to light up with ones instead of twenties. [Luxist]