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The Reentry: Veterans of Style

  • Najib Benouar

Yesterday we celebrated Veterans Day—and it reminded us of the great contributions our servicemen have made to this nation over the years.

In terms of protecting our freedom, foremost, but also in our everyday dress. Just take a look at Major General Chuck Yeager here. He’s just hopped out of a fighter jet, but this very well could’ve been the same getup you wore out to watch football yesterday.

The list is long: khakis, bomber jackets, aviators, peacoats, desert boots, etc., all started out as military-issue clothes that veterans brought back home to wear around town—or, in some cases, had local tailors recreate to better suit their return to civilian life. And now we’re all wearing some version of them. Not to mention, a lot of the military-issued stuff (like Schott’s peacoat) is still among your better options out there. Further confirming that enduring style relies more heavily on function than form.

To that, we’ll salute.

Veterans Day and the Lapel Poppy

As you may have noticed from the shuttered post offices, it’s Veterans Day. And while there’s plenty of somber contemplation to do, we’d like to highlight an English custom we’re hoping catches on in the States: the lapel poppy. It’s a bona fide tradition over there, and if you walked through London today, you probably wouldn’t see a lapel without one. All it takes is a good florist or a patch of felt—and a little transatlantic charm.