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The Sun is Hot and the Dock is Open

The Non-Hipster Vespa: Here’s a picture of Gary Cooper in a Brioni suit, riding a Vespa. He doesn’t seem happy about it. [Driven]

The Man in the Mustache: Nick Wooster weighs in on tattoos and aging. He doesn’t recommend either. [Esquire]

Another Day, Another Monkstrap: DC Lewis is stepping it up. [The Pursuit Aesthetic]

Seriously, Try It: A brief history of “Try a Little Tenderness.” [The Awl]

Going Mobile


Among all the rising greenery, mopeds may have been lost in the shuffle. Without the Mediterranean charm of a Vespa or the simian appeal of the Segway, we’d almost forgotten they were out there. Luckily, a clever designer was out there to remind us.

This Derringer model sprung from the mind of Adrian Van Anz, modeled off the board track racing motorcycles of the 1920s. After a few extra modernist curves and angles, he ended up with a Parisian style peddler that just happens to get 150 mpg. Of course, like Segways, this gadget is primarily a West Coast operation, so if you want one you’ll have to head out to their shop in West Hollywood.

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Hello, Moto

klein_crop.jpgJennifer Livingston for Details

The globe-trotters over at Details just put up a few backstage snaps from the Fall ’08 shows in Milan and Paris, and we were a little surprised at how many up-collar leather jackets and tough fabrics there were. From Calvin Klein’s woven take on the biker jacket to Louis Vuitton’s helmeted models, motorcycle fashion seemed to be the order of the season.

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