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Your Pre-Summer Must-Haves

  • Najib Benouar

Must Haves

Summer’s so close, we can almost taste it.

Sure, we’ve still got about a month to go before it’s officially dirty bucks and sundress season, but it’s already time to trade in the power umbrella for May flowers and attend to a few other orders of business in preparation for summer.

We like to call this magical warmer-but-not-hot-yet time “pre-summer” and we’re making sure you make the most of it with our new crop of Must-Haves (as always, you can find them in our left column whenever you need a refresher).

Time to tune up the barbecue grill, break out the whites, have a shandy and much, much more.»

The Prohibition-Era Leather Jacket

Schott Jacket

Here’s a dispatch from biker history: when Schott rolled out their now-classic Perfecto jacket, it was the first zippered leather jacket anyone had ever seen. Which means all the biker jackets before then were a little more…peacoaty.

Kind of like this, in fact. This is Schott’s best approximation of the 20s-era moto jacket (give or take a few zipper pockets), arriving with the rest of their spring/summer ’12 gear. Of course, we’re still partial to that legendary zipper, but if you’re looking for an offbeat twist, it could be just the thing.

Maybe it’s more of a Vespa jacket…

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Head Case


Helmets usually aim for a charmingly European nostalgia—much like the Vespas themselves—so the market is wide open for a few bubble-cases straight out of Flash Gordon.

Borsalino is an Italian heritage brand that takes a slightly different tack than the usual mod-inspired helmets by bringing in extra touches like fur and snakeskin-imprinted leather for a more adventurous take.

It makes sense—these are precision instruments, after all. Why not let all that technology show?

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It's A Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World


A lot of things are pointing to an imminent scooter revival; the price of gas and that business about carbon footprints, of course, but also the fact that folk like Rag & Bone keep basing collections on Mods and Rockers That makes Mick Walker's zippy new book, *Classic Scooters: 1945 - 1970* all the more timely. The Italian Piaggo company's iconic Vespa and the equally alluring Lambretta are the famous ones, of course, but there are many others whose names may be unfamiliar but embody just as much great vintage verve. Snap up a copy, pop *Quadrophenia* on the stereo and be transported to a simpler, much more stylish era. We'll meet you there.