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Craig Sager Talks Menswear, Roger Rabbit Revelations and Irish Whiskeys

  • Kempt Staff

Red Bull

Sager Wisdom: Made Man catches up with the NBA’s famously flamboyant sideline reporter Craig Sager to talk style, double-breasted silk Versace and where he draws the line (surprisingly, he has one, and it’s bow ties).

Mohawk Down: Visit LA’s well-appointed men’s shop Mohawk General Store, through the lens of Jake Davis.

Lazarus Heart: On the 25th anniversary of the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, BuzzFeed tracks down 20 enlightening factoids about the movie.

Dark Horse: In the event you’ll be tipping back some Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day, Details has rounded up your 10 most suitable options.

Lovely Dita, Banksy, and Barack’s Suits


The Talented Ms. Teese: A chat with everyone’s favorite anachronistic pinup. Burlesque lives! [BlackBook]

In the Kitchen: Versace goes after the muppet demographic. [Men.Style]

Banksy in New Orleans: For the first time, graffiti is used to rebuild a city. [PSFK]

Union Suit: Barack’s suit is from the same factory as Hickey Freeman…change we can believe in, indeed. [The Cut]

Italians, Socks and a Little Bit of Chung-Chung


Il Bue Che Dice Cornuto All'asino: Italy bans Tom Ford ad because of their long tradition of high-minded, unporny public discourse. [Radar]

The Distinguished Gentleman From Milan: In related news, Santo Versace, business manager of the family label, has joined Italy's Parliment. [WWD, 2nd item]

"Masturbation Cuts Cancer Risk": Well, in that case, maybe we'll try it some time. [BBC]

Slip Ons: Socks for men without shoes. [Men's Vogue]

Ripped From the Headlines: Our very own Jared Paul Stern is set to be detonated in effigy in an upcoming episode of "Law & Order." We couldn't be more proud. Also, Chung-chung. [NY Daily News]

Ring of Fire: Like a ribbon 'round your finger, this accessory will remind you of appointments or anniversaries or burn you in the process. [Uncrate]

Beggars and Choosers: A probing piece about the difficulties of funding and presenting at Fashion Week. [Papierdoll]

Monroe Doctrine: The Marilyn sex-tape fantasy goes "pop" in 1,460 words. [Defamer]

Members Only: A jacket checklist for these windbreaker months. [Refinery29]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

He creeped us out in *Match Point* and modeled for Versace and Hugo Boss before embarking on his latest role—a kind of priapic, po-mo Henry VIII in *The Tudors*—but Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has always won full marks for his stylish attire.

At the *Tudors* premiere the other night, he sported an ensemble that had an almost Rockabilly look to it: a midnight blue dress suit with satin piping on the lapels—custom-tailored by John Galliano—and a superskinny leather tie by Camilla Staerk.

More on Mr. Rhys Meyers»

IPOs, Wide Loads and Heath Hearts Gemma

Gemma Ward

You Look Like $4,257: A complete price breakdown of MOTH Patrick Dempsey's Versace ad wardrobe. [FWD]

Public Affairs: Hilfiger to lead parade of fashion IPOs this year. [WWD]

Man of The Moment: On what is quickly becoming our (second) favorite blog, Adam Kimmel takes over T's Pitti Uomo coverage. [The Moment]

Billionaire Bling Club: Pharrell teams up with Louis Vuitton for jewelry line. Be afraid/excited. [Now Public]

Name Dropping: "Yeah, aren't you the guy who's not getting through my security checkpoint?" [StyleDash]

Slimboy Fat: Clooney rocks the wide look, perhaps hastening the eclipse of the skinny tie. She Knows Best [Magnificent Bastard]

Aussie Love: Heath Ledger squires model Gemma Ward. Not bad for a balding single dad. [Nimoy]

Scott on Gucci, Ford in Russia, Plum Pickets and More

From the Director of Alien and Themla & Louise: Ridley Scott to direct the saga of the Gucci family. [SunUK]

Playing Doctor: Man of the Hour Patrick Dempsey is the Versace man. [MSNBC]

Recycling Bags: Mulberry refocuses on men. [MPDClick]

Forward Russia!: Tom Ford to open shop in the city with—after New York, of course—the world's greatest concentration of high rollers. [Bloomburg/VogueUK]

On the Barricades: Plum Sykes fights for her right to earn, rocking the whole "fashion girl meets snowbunny" thing. [NYMag]

Burberry Check: An analyst's view from among the Chavs. [Portfolio: Fashion Inc.]

LES Speakeasy: A peek into THECAST on Ludlow. [UrbanDaddy]