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Croc Star

  • Jared Paul Stern


That eternally classic item of military-inspired menswear, the peacoat, has been interpreted in myriad different ways and fabrics over the years since it was first adopted by European navies some 250 years ago. Leave it to Hermes, however, to blow it out of the water.

For Fall, the famed house's menswear designer Véronique Nichanian made a peacoat entirely of top-grade crocodile skin that will set you back a cool $150,000 and change, which gets our vote for the season's most extravagant men's item. The Hermes flagship on the Upper East Side just got in two of them, we're told, in classic navy. You might be able to special order it another color—safety orange, say—if you're willing to wait a few months and further decimate the crocodile population.

Frankly, we can see multiple-MOTH Cameron Silver sporting one of these for a sojourn on Valentino's yacht or somesuch, but ordinary mortals will probably want to stick with the $120 version they sell at The Gap.