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Kempt Man of the Hour: George Clooney

We had a pretty good weekend. Perhaps you did as well.

But it’s a safe bet neither of us enjoyed ourselves quite as much as George Clooney, who spent last week touring Venice with Cindy Crawford and a borrowed water taxi. (That’s Crawford’s husband in the middle.) He was celebrating the premiere of his latest work behind the camera, Ides of March, but he was apparently in no hurry to lose the tuxedo.

On the Waterfront


Art’s been moving out of the gallery in the past few years, but taking it to the water is a new one on us.

Swoon launched a series of art rafts off the Slovenian Coast a few days ago, and with the wind on their side, they managed to float to Venice in time for the biennial art festival. The raft-sculptures—humbly titled The Swimming Cities of Serenissima—are a pretty spectacular example of junkyard set design, but we’re mostly impressed that they turned out to be seaworthy. It’s one thing to tether a few planks to a sculpture and hope it floats, but it’s quite another to take to the sea and stake your artistic reputation on your sailing skills.

Tally ho?