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Black Flag Haircuts


Hard-Core Cuts: The changing hairstyles of noted dandies Black Flag documented once and for all. [WFMU]

Above the Knee: More timely advice on men's shorts. [NYMag]

Sit, Stay, Good Dog: Taking off on the Japanese waif-boy trend, Korean girls are treating their beaus like pets. As long as we get a tummy rub and a biscuit, we're kinda okay with this. [Geekologie]

Father Knows Best?: The worst TV dads of all time collected just in time for father's day. You can always say to yourself, "Well, at least Pops was no Eric Camden." [Art of Manliness]

Flip Flopper: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger Amanda Brooks can play with our thongs anytime. [Men's Vogue]

Weekend Deals


You started off the week with a tryptophan-induced blue Monday, worked through that inbox of things you dutifully ignored last week and lost $50 on the Packers last night. Well, reward yourself…

Odin/Den: The winter sale is upon us. All Tim Hamilton is 35% off.
_199 Lafeyette, 212-966-0026, 330 East 11th St. (Den), 212-475-0079, www.odinnewyork.com_

Christopher Fischer: Simple, sleek cashmere and accessories. Ends Saturday.
_80 Wooster Street, 212-965-9009, www.christopherfischer.com_

Rogan: Stock up on sustainable t-shirts and basics from this year's CFDA award winner through Monday.
_91 Franklin Street, 646-827-7554, www.rogannyc.com_

Giorgio Armani: You know you want it.
_760 Madison Avenue, 212-988-9191, www.giorgioarmani.com_

+ Barking Irons: Historically influenced hoodies and henleys. Dig in till Sunday.
_161 Bowery, 212-226-1126, www.barkingirons.com_ + John Varvatos: He's GQ's designer of the year and, until Sunday, he's going cheap.
_260 Fifth Avenue, 212-725-5400, www.johnvarvatos.com_

See the online sales…



This weekend, we dispatched our fearless stylist to help a friend in need of an outfit for the Gotham Awards for independent film. He doesn't own a suit (pour soul) and wanted to dress up for this event, but he was disinclined to spend really big bucks for something he might wear only once a year. Makes sense.