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At the risk of being hopelessly behind the times, there’s something to be said for vampires that actually scare people.

Here’s a starting point: Michael Sims curated a collection of some of the best vampire lit ever written, dubbed Dracula’s Guest. (You can hear him gushing about it here, if you need more convincing.)

It’s all 19th century stuff, which means brittle Victorian morays, long craggy sentences and some genuinely terrified peasantry from heavy-hitters like Edgar Allan Poe and Guy de Maupassant. It’s a little stuffy in places, but if you’re going to make a turn through the bloodsucker backstory, this is the best ways to do it. And presumably you’ve already seen what the movies have to offer.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Robert Pattinson

mothrpatz_crop.jpgvia Gawker

We were perfectly happy being a Twilight-free blog up until now, but certain suits simply cannot be denied. This maroon Gucci number, shown off at his latest LA premiere, is one of them.

The blood color might come off as a tad obvious at first but Mr. Pattinson pulls it off more like an English nobleman than a dinner-theater Dracula. Paired with a subtle gray shirt and tie, the getup is worlds ahead of most red carpet fashion. And given that the gentleman in question is all of 24 years old, it’s only right that he take a few risks.

As for the hair…that's probably a post all its own.

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