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Style Icons on Dates

  • Najib Benouar

Steve McQueen

Valentine’s Day isn’t till tomorrow, but you can already feel it in the air: the unmistakable tingling of a bone-chilling winter frost.

But also: romance.

And since you’re more than likely on the hook for dinner, or at least a starry-eyed stroll, we thought you could use some inspiration for tomorrow’s festivities—with some style cues from history’s most fashionable gents on dates. Just don’t forget the flowers (or in the case of Mick Jagger: cotton candy).

Without further ado: 10 ridiculously good-looking dates and the style icons who love them.»

Brazilian Merrymaking, Fashion’s Astrologer and Waka Flocka Flame’s Valentine’s Playlist

  • Kempt Staff


Rio’s Grand: The Atlantic shares some spectacular photos from the Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro.

Haute Svengali: The Cut tries to figure out how Susan Miller became the de facto astrologer to the fashion elite.

The Flame Rekindles: The best part of GQ’s Valentine’s Day guide has to be the romantic playlist from Waka Flocka Flame.

Denim Jumpsuits: Put This On embarks on a photo safari through the Americana jungle/annual vintage menswear show, Inspiration LA.

Explaining Fashion Week, Bourbon’s Unlikely Rise and Frank Ocean on a Diving Board

  • Kempt Staff

Frank Ocean

Who Even Goes to These Things?: Four Pins does a fine job of explaining Fashion Week to the uninitiated by answering a few FAQs.

Sub Bourbon Flight: How the Samuels family took bourbon from backroom tipple to the revered drink it is today.

Being Frank: The story behind the photo behind the equally mesmerizing NY Times Frank Ocean profile (he’s balancing on a diving board hanging over a cliff above LA).

Cupid’s Arrow Looms: The editors of Details recount their most memorable Valentine’s stories.

Winning Valentine’s Day: The Love Letter

  • Jason Wire

You know what the greatest Valentine’s gift of all time is? A fully loaded, pearl-white Ferrari made of roses.

But giving the same gift two years in a row would just be tacky. So this year you’re turning back the clock and winning Valentine’s Day the old-fashioned way: by writing a thoughtful, heart-melting and perfectly legible love letter.

Herewith: the Kempt Guide to Writing a Goddamn Stupendous Love Letter.»

Sports Illustrated Always Finds the Nicest Swimsuits

Louder Than a Ton: Tommy Ton takes on New York Fashion Week, with predictably sharp results. [GQ]

Kilim Rising: Perhaps it’s time for you to buy a pair of slippers that look like a carpet. [Die, Workwear]

V Is for Victory: Some push-pull on the value of Valentine’s Day. We still blame the roses. [The Atlantic Wire]

Keep It Simple: In the background of Fashion Week, Dana Lee continues to kill it. [The OEN]

Shanina Shaik Is Concerned About Her Roomba

Shanina Shaikvia WBE

The Female Perspective: Some of the sharpest women in the game weigh in on what to get your lady for Valentine’s... assuming you haven’t already made a preemptive strike. [Valet]

Slub and Tussah: Derek Guy digs up a tie brand selling nearly Drake’s-quality shantung ties at half the price. [Put This On]

The Train Rolls On: After the great man’s passing, Details digs up a vintage profile of Don Cornelius in his dotage. A thing of beauty. [Details]

Lost in Translation: One more beautiful Italian menswear brand. Fair warning: the text is also in Italian. [Men’s Reverie]

The Preemptive Valentine’s Day

We’ve got some problems with Valentine’s Day.

You’ve probably already noticed a few of them: the smarmy advertising, the kitsch, the awkward chivalry, the endless parade of overbooked prix fixes, the all-pervading sense of enforced sentiment, without sensitivity or regard for individual circumstance...

Sorry. We got carried away there.

But it’s important, because Valentine’s is letting down romance and it’s letting down the men and women of America. So we’ve come up with a single fix that will restore the day to what it should be, a single cure-all to restore it to the spontaneous, romantic expression February needs so much.

It’s time to change the date.

Our plan for fixing Valentine’s Day, explained»

The February Issues

It’s been a strange month for magazines. We got to see more of Michelle Williams’ Marilyn impression, the wisdom of an ex-president and some quality drinking-and-shooting time with the bull-shaped creature known as Channing Tatum. But naturally, you’ll want more than that, so we’ve got an intricately detailed summary after the jump…

Here’s everything you need to know from February’s crop of glossies»

Dany White is Playing the Field


Pastoralism: No matter how many times we see it, we never get tired of the “naked girl in a meadow” editorial shot. [Fashion Copious]

Dixieland: Billy Reid walks off with the GQ “Best New Designer in America” prize, possibly while wearing saddle shoes. More on this next week. [GQ Eye]

A Man for Both Seasons: An indepth look at one of our favorite must-haves, Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Committee-mandated gear. [Valet]

Don’t Tell Her: Whatever you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be less impressive than the Taj Mahal. Just saying. [Neatorama]

Swimsuits, Construction Sites, and Valentine’s Day Equipment


Suit Up: A calm, mathematical reaction to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. There’s a first time for everything. [Daily Intel]

Do You Have Anything in Flourescent Yellow?: Esquire gives advice on the best gear to wear on a construction site…and happens to recommend some of our favorite brands. [Esquire]

Protect Your Neck: For no particular reason, the top ten hit jobs in cinematic history. Get ready to see a lot of ruined suits. [Vulture]

Valentine’s Insurance: 10 solid movies about unfulfilled love, just in time to put on your Netflix queue and have in your hands by Saturday. Don’t say you weren’t warned. [TakePart]

His and Hers


Valentine’s Day is a very special time, when couples can grow together, share feelings of love and respect and, most importantly, exchange gifts.

These matching coffee cups come from the L.A. erotic shop Coco de Mer. In case you can’t read it, the one on the left says “bitch,” and the one on the right says, “wanker.”

Consider yourself warned.